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By: Opex Canada  09-12-2011

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Here you are - finding ways to help your company grow, become more profitable, add value to your customers and ultimately to take whatever burden you're carrying off your shoulders.

Internal staff and external consultants often say "It can't be done" but can't is just another word for won't. We, at OPEX have over 40 years of combined experience in strategic management, operations, process improvement, cost reduction, profit improvement & outsourcing and we'd like to help you.


This is David Balaban CSO, Chief Solutions Officer, of OPEX CANADA and I welcome you to learn more about the ways we want to help your company, whatever the challenge, we'll make it better.

“OPEX Canada left no rock unturned. The focus, speed and energy invested were to say the least “breath taking”!

As the newly appointed President of NCVW Bay City Michigan, I contracted OPEX Canada LTD to review the organization and conduct an initial Business Tune-Up Analysis. The quality and insightfulness of the recommendations, combined with the professional and unobtrusive speed of execution of the survey, resulted in the contracting of OPEX Canada to implement operationally and most importantly without exception all recommendations. Under the OPEX Canada credo - “Every Single Penny Counts” - the following areas of improvement potential were identified:

  1. Review all manufacturing plants to improve efficiencies
  2. Assist Sales with a forecasting strategy for committed purchase orders from largest customers
  3. Assist in the growth and development of the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer
  4. Assist with the implementation of a 3 vendor rule to assure best possible pricing and service
  5. Overhaul the archaic IT systems within the organization to set the required parameters for growth

Within the 4 months allotted to the project, OPEX Canada left no rock unturned. The focus, speed and energy invested were to say the least “breath taking”.  The regular and dependable feedback, to myself the President on progress and recommendations (learning by doing), was in my opinion second to none.  OPEX Canada is self-initiating in its approach and execution of agreed objectives.

In its fee structure, OPEX Canada displayed no hesitation defining payment based on performance – such is its belief in its own capabilities. It was a pleasure for NCVW to make the final “bonus by results” payment to OPEX Canada on completion of the project.

On a personal note - every company is defined by its differentiating resource – its employees. David Balaban fits firmly into this definition of a valuable resource. I not only highly recommend OPEX Canada the company but also David Balaban personally. NCVW will most definitely be utilizing both of these two resources in the continuation of its quest for growth and excellence.

Charles Waterhouse
President NCVW