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By: Ontario Criminal Lawyers  14-04-2010
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Impaired Driving, Drive over 80, Dangerous Driving, Domestic Assault and all Criminal offenses under the Criminal Code of Canada. Our Criminal Law web site provides you with the information you need when your charged with a criminal offense.

Knowing the facts and information about your criminal charge can help you understand the charges that you are facing and how best to be represented in court with a lawyer. Once you understand what you are facing then you can approach a lawyer knowing the questions to ask to win your case.

Having an experienced Ontario Criminal lawyer to fight your criminal charge will ensure that you receive the best possible legal advice to successfully resolve your legal issues.

Lawyers work with you at every stage of the criminal justice process, putting their knowledge of the criminal law and legal court procedures on your side.

We provide helpful links to lawyers in your area to assist you with your criminal charge.

With assistance from Criminal Lawyers Association Ontario Criminal Lawyers provides the largest specialty legal service in Canada.

Although many charges may seem simple, straight forward or you may even feel that you are guilty of the offence, a lawyer can look at your case and find the legal issues that you may not be able to see. A lawyer can look at your charge from a technical and legal point of view.

For example; the accused my have actually commited the offence but if the police did not read your rights to counsel, the right to speak to a lawyer upon arrest is an important part of the criminal justice system. If your rights have been violated a Judge can dismiss your charge.

For any criminal charge a lawyer can point out and explain the rules or law that the police and prosecution have to follow.

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