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By: Omniware  09-12-2011
Keywords: Advertising, Invoicing System

Our Interactive InvoicingTM system is a dynamic new way to experience electronic invoicing. Because monthly bills can play an important role in the customer experience, Omniware has created a dynamic invoicing system to give customers a more positive and interactive billing experience.

Omniware's Interactive InvoiceTM enhances the standard electronic PDF invoice by allowing you to insert static and dynamic features for customers to use. In a single consolidated bill, the Interactive InvoiceTM allows customers to perform any available function directly within the PDF invoice itself. Features such as graphs, charts, full-motion advertising and instant messaging create a direct channel of communication between you and your customer and help increase customer satisfaction. Omniware's Interactive InvoiceTM is intelligently designed and executed. This easy-to-use converged invoicing system allows for a more simplified and unique mode of communication with your customer, while the clean functionality helps to distinguish yourself from competitors. Functions of the Interactive InvoiceTM:
  • Rolling advertisements
  • Interactive charts and graphs
  • Dispute resolution mechanism
  • Immediate payment methods
  • Rewards tracking and redemption
  • Live chat
  • Alerts and more..

Rolling advertisements
Full-motion video advertisements can be added to the Interactive InvoiceTM PDF at the generation stage. This feature allows for targeted advertising for new products and promotions that customers can see immediately when they open their statement. This is an excellent feature for generating new revenues at the invoicing stage.

Interactive Charts and Graphs
Interactive charts and bar graphs allow customers to easily see the breakdown of their invoice according to different categorizations. For example, customers can view an easy visualization of their phone charges broken down by country. Rollover highlighting and clicking on different parts of the charts highlights different aspects of the bill. Dispute resolution
A unique feature of Omniware's Interactive InvoiceTM is the ability for customers to dispute a charge that they may be unsure of directly within their PDF invoice. For any specific charge, customers can roll their mouse over to see more information. Omniware's Interactive InvoiceTM gives them the capability to flag a charge and send a notice of dispute. A new invoice can be generated immediately without the disputed item so that payment can be made instantly. Immediate payment
Customers can pay their bill directly inside the Interactive InvoiceTM using any method from a drop-down menu, such as debit, credit, direct debit, PayPal and more. With the payment method embedded directly into the invoice for ease of access, customers do not have to revert to a different web page to pay their bill. Rewards tracking
For rewards programs, Omniware's Interactive InvoiceTM includes a rewards tab where customers can manage their benefits. Customers can clearly view and track their rewards progress with interactive line graphs and more. Omniware's Interactive InvoiceTM gives customers the capability of redeeming their rewards directly within the PDF invoice instantly.

Live chat
Omniware's Interactive InvoiceTM Live Chat feature can cut down on customer service wait times over the phone by giving customers the ability to send an instant message in their PDF invoice. With an IM chat session embedded inside the invoice, customers can contact service reps with their queries instantly. Alerts and more
Omniware's Interactive InvoiceTM includes a wide range of functions that can be tailored for client needs and specifications. Customers can report lost or stolen banking cards directly in their Interactive InvoiceTM as an alternative to making a call. Account and personal billing information can also be edited directly inside the invoice. Additionally, customers can stay notified with payment alerts and use interactive calculators to calculate payment amounts. The possibilities are endless.

Keywords: Advertising, Invoicing System

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