By: omah  09-12-2011
Keywords: Content Management, Technical Assistance, System Administrators

We are highly experienced consultants with the necessary skills and in-depth product knowledge required to create and implement a content management infrastructure designed to manage the domain of your digital and electronic content.Our team will oversee the realization of your project by working with you from start to finish to ensure a successful and seamless implementation.The end result will bring your business advantages such as simplicity, convenience, on-demand retrieval of records, remote access to information and higher productivity. 
Regardless of your businessÂ’ current content management strategy omah inc. will give you the power to find it when you need it.

omah inc. provides the following services:

  • Technical assistance with the design and development of content management solution at its initial stage
  • Technical assistance with the installation and configuration of IBM Content Manager products
  • Training for end users and system administrators
  • Back file conversion and import to IBM Content Manager

Keywords: Content Management, Content Management Strategy, Highly Experienced Consultants, System Administrators, Technical Assistance,