Oliver's Labels: Products: Safety Wristbands

By: Oliver S Labels  09-12-2011

Our new Safety Wristbands give you peace of mind when your child is visiting a theme park, or attending a class field trip. Safety Wristbands are one-time-use bracelets that are lightweight yet durable. While beautiful, they also provide your personal contact information, should your child wander away from the group. Adjust them to any kid-size wrist. Made of high-tech material that feels like paper but is durable like plastic.

Other features: Waterproof, scuff-proof, tear-resistant, high-performance material with super-strong adhesive closure and high quality, full-color printing. Made to be long-lasting in a huge range of environments.

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Oliver's Labels: Products: Iron-on Clothing Labels

They’re permanently transferred to clothing using a household iron and lay smoothly against fabric. Iron-on Clothing Labels keep your child’s clothing out of the Lost-and-Found pile. They’re thin and flexible making them incredibly comfortable to wear. They are especially useful on clothing that don't have "care tags". Made to go in the washing machine and dryer.


Oliver's Labels: Products: Stick-eez™ Clothing Labels

Other features: Thin, flexible, high-performance material with super-strong adhesive and high quality, full-color printing - guaranteed never to rub off, even when in contact with sunscreen. Especially useful for applying directly to clothing with nylon shells that can’t be ironed.Stick-eez™ Clothing Labels are available with. Any clothing with a "care tag" such as t-shirts, pants, underwear, gym clothes, snow pants and jackets.


Oliver's Labels: Products: Shoe Labels

Uses: Sandals, runners, flip-flops, boots and any other footwear that leaves the house!Shoe Labels are available with .Other Features: Waterproof, weather-proof, scuff-proof, tear-resistant, high-performance vinyl with super-strong adhesive and high quality, full-color printing. They come in right and left foot shapes and unlike other shoe labels, they’re built so durable that you don't need to stick a protective label on top.


Oliver's Labels: Products: Large Bag Tag

Uses: Backpack, duffle bag, diaper bag, luggage and gym bag.Our Large Bag Tag is available with .Other features: Waterproof, weather-proof, scuff-proof, high-performance plastic card with high quality, full-color printing. The size of a standard credit card, our Large Bag Tag is big and durable. A must-have for luggage and school bags.