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By: Nuvoxx Communications  09-12-2011

How do your customers feel and think about your business?

Were they happy about the recent delivery of your goods or services?

And what will keep them coming back today… and tomorrow?

Now you don’t need to make a major investment to find out: Introducing NuVoxx on-demand telephone customer survey service designed to capture feedback from your customers and clients after every interaction.

On a pay-as-you-go basis, use CSAT Survey to:

  • Gather first hand feedback from customers—better identify areas of success and challenges in your business
  • Improve customer retention—respond proactively to maximize long-term loyalty and minimize customer churn
  • Flag dissatisfied customers—take immediate action to resolve serious complaints
  • Improve performance management—compare/measure feedback on your different service teams
  • Track your individual employees—receive specific data to identify both over performing and under-performing employees.

Sample Customer Satisfaction Surveys:

 Top Five Reasons to use NuVoxx CSAT Survey

1.     Easy and affordable
No in-house technology or upfront investment required

2.    Save significant time and money
Our automated voice service solution costs 75% less than traditional survey methods (live agent and direct mail)

3.    Get more surveys for your money
Capture up to five times more responses than traditional methods

4.    Get fast results
Get customer feedback via secure access to online reporting

5.    Pay as you Go
Economic per-minute pricing based on 6 second intervals. No contracts or long-term commitments required.

How it works

It’s so easy. Whether you want to capture a response after a phone call, product delivery or in-store purchase, we can set up a flexible system that works for your unique business needs.

From the technology and set-up through the scripting and reporting, we handle it all – and can be working in a few days. Businesses face no delays, risks or wasted costs, as we only bill for those customers we successfully survey.

Choose from three different delivery methods

1. Outbound CSAT Survey:
- Use this method to follow up on any or all service interactions with your customers

Calls are placed to any customer list you provide. Using touchtone responses such as “Press 1 for…”, your customers can respond to survey questions and have the option of leaving a voice message at the end—so you can hear how they feel. Touch-tone responses are coded for easy data analysis and reporting.

2. Inbound CSAT Survey:
- Use this method to reinforce your “service-oriented” focus

Your organization can publish its own toll-free customer survey number on your website and communication materials. Customers can call the number 24/7, at their convenience, and use touchtone responses to take the survey.

3. Transferred CSAT Survey:
- Use this method to get instant customer feedback following interactions with your contact center

Your customer calls your contact center for service. At the end of the call, they can be transferred to the CSAT Survey application. Once they complete the survey, they will also have the option of leaving a recorded voice message with additional comments—so you can hear how they feel.

  • NuVoxx provides your business with:
  • Robust IVR (integrated voice response) service technology
  • Professional scripting and recording of customer satisfaction surveys
  • Transcripts of recorded surveys for easy management review
  • Flexible pay as you go pricing – send as many or as few calls as you want!
  • Detailed online reporting with wav files attached
  • Easy set up in less than one week

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