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By: Nutreeplus  09-12-2011

At Life Plus the focus is on quality.  Using state-of-art facilities, they produce the highest quality products utilizing modern processing methods.  Their products are manufactured to strict specifications using cold processing whenever possible.  Be aware of misleading promotional tactics used by some competitors. 

At times they quote "Material Safety Data Sheets" (MSDS) about ingredients in cosmetic-type products to attempt to discredit certain materials in ours or another company's products.   Most companies like this are interest only in their profit rather than the quality of their products.

Cold Production Process

Heat destroys enzyme and vitamin activity.  To prevent this from happening, Life Plus uses Cold Processing, which retains the potency of these nutrients, so their true value can be optimized.  Cold Processing is just another of the innovative tools Life Plus uses to ensure their products are the highest quality they can make.

Life Plus Sets the Standard for Quality

They never compromise on quality. which is why they manufacture virtually all their products in Batesville, Arkansas, USA, home of Life Plus International, where they can monitor the entire process.  The exceptionally high-quality of Life Plus products is the result of paying special attention to even the tiniest details.  Their quality-focused approach starts with inspecting raw materials and continues throughout the production process.

Demonstrated and Proven Experience

Decades of experiencing formulating, manufacturing, bottling, labeling and shipping products enables them to guarantee the utmost quality at a fair price-from start to finish.  For many years, these high-quality products were only available to doctors and physicians. 

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