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By: Numerology Canada  09-12-2011

Services available: 
One on one sessions available in person, by telephone or by mail order. All readings are recorded on CD, and have complete paperwork included, so that you can review them at any time. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have once you receive your reading.

Life Choices:
This session will reveal  in detail your strengths, weaknesses, deficits, habits, karmic influences and finances. You will learn specifically what to work toward and what to avoid. 
$250.00 per session

Career Choices:
In this session we will analyze your name. Do you have a "nick"name? Have you shortened your name? Is your married name pushing you forward or holding you back? Is it time to shift careers? Is your employer right for you? Is your boss capable of change? Will you get a raise soon? Is your job secure?
$250.00 per session

Corporate Consultation :
This session we will explore your business partnerships and employee selection. We  assess if the color of the logos are correct and what may need to be added. When is the best date to launch  new projects.? You can effectively and swiftly select the right team members to run projects. Obtain valuable insights on group dynamics within your company.
$500.00* initial consultation fee
*Other charges will apply.

Family Tree Analysis
Finally a way to figure out your family!  We look at the family as a whole. We look at what your children came here to teach you. 
We also look at what you can and need to  be teaching them.
We explore the Karmic DNA that is being brought forward from past generations.
We observe  habits and tendencies that  serve you well and ones that do not.
Learn to avoid a disaster on the horizon.
If you are having trouble with a child you will gain insights that will help you learn about them and understand them in ways you never dreamed of.
$100.00 per member (four member minimum) Private Novelty Sessions for corporate and private events.
$500.00* per hour min 3 hour booking
*Travel and accommodation  charges will apply.

Seasonal Check Up.
Four 15 minute consultations throughout the year. This service only applies to existing active clients.
$300.00 paid in advance for the calendar year.

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