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By: Nullriver Software  09-12-2011

Experience the ultimate in home automation control with Nullriver's Haiku for HAI automation controllers. Haiku combines HAI's proven home automation controllers with iOS's unbeatable user interface experience and versatility. This leverage brings the consumer a solid, user-friendly and convenient home automation interface that is as usable from anywhere in the world as it is from the comfort of your couch.

Haiku takes advantage of iOS's excellent touch interface and makes home automation easy and fun. Anything from changing the thermostat setting to controlling lights or the security system is only a few taps away. The interface is both intuitive and responsive. Haiku utilizes on-the-fly object caching to speed up the response times. Further, the interface is customizable using a "Favorites" tab, where any controller object can be added for quick access. Icons next to objects reflect their state or status at a glance.

New: Haiku can now be configured to detect proximity to your home and automatically switch a flag on the controller based on whether you are within the vicinity of your home or even multiple homes! This gives endless new posibilities for the programming on the controller side, including counting occupancy and automating arming, garage doors or anything else!

Whether you're going on vacation or going to work, you can count on Haiku to give you full access to your home's vital stats and systems anywhere there's a wireless signal using your iPhone or iPad 3G or anywhere there's a WiFi signal. Haiku seamlessly connects just like at home and responds to your commands quickly.

Its even easier to go green and save energy with Haiku, now that you can control your home and its systems from anywhere in the world, your couch, or even your bed; you can make the right adjustments at the right time to ensure your home is always running at its peak efficiency. Combined with HAI excellent energy saving technologies such as the HAI Omnistat 2 thermostats you can stay on top of keeping our world green. On supported systems, Haiku will also display the Energy Cost status on the "Status" page.

The "Status" tab gives you a quick overview of the system's status including the current weather report, security status for each area, the thermostat statuses, auxiliary sensor statuses, as well as any unacknowledged messages or insecure zones. You can tap any object in any section to quickly interact with it using an instant pop-over. There's also a handy quick access menu to select from your "Favorite" button macros to quickly activate them.

The "Security" tab, conveniently organized by area allows you to view all zone statuses, bypass zones or arm/disarm the system (or set the mode for Lumina systems). The "Security" icon at the bottom of the screen displays a count of any insecure or bypassed zones.

The "Climate" tab provides a list of all configured thermostats and any auxiliary sensors, displaying their status, temperature and humidity levels. Tapping any thermostat allows you to have full control over its functionality including temperature and humidity setpoints, mode, fan and hold.

The "Control" tab allows you to control all of the configured lighting units in your home. Organizable by "Rooms", "All Units" or only "Lit Units", it is easy to locate and control a specific unit. Each room can be controlled as a group: Letting you turn its units on or off, set a scene or tap an individual unit to control it independently. Units can also be dimmed to any level or left on for a specified amount of time using a timer setting. Further, you can also program HLC scene presets right from your iOS device with just two taps! The icon at the bottom of the screen displays a count of lit units, helping you save energy.

The "Buttons" tab allows you to execute any button macro defined on your controller with ease.

The "Flags" and "Outputs" tabs let you control any flags or outputs defined on your system with just a few taps. Control your Sprinklers, HRV or any other device you have connected to your HAI panel. The possibilities here are endless.

New: A single swipe from the bottom of the screen now brings up the Quick Favorite Buttons menu which activates any macro on your controller with a single tap.

The "Audio" tab (displayed only on panels with an audio interface connected) allows control of all defined audio zones and sources. You can see the currently playing song information and quickly control your entire audio experience! Haiku fully supports all audio subsystems compatible with HAI's controllers.

Haiku constantly displays updates on your messages, security zones, any alarms, troubles and the weather right in the status bar, no matter what tab you are on.

The "Messages" tab provides a list of all system messages and allows you to display or acknowledge any message. The "Messages" icon at the bottom of the screen displays a count of unacknowledged messages to get your attention. Haiku can also optionally announce messages and other events using Text-to-Speech technology.

The "Settings" tab lets you have full control over the User Settings defined on your HAI controller. Set custom temperature, humidity, date, time, number, duration, level and days of week values with ease using the familiar iPad interface controls.

The "Cameras" tab allows viewing of an unlimited number of MJPEG cameras. You can also control Foscam, Axis, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic and Trendnet PTZ cameras using native iOS drag and drop gestures.

The "Events" tab provides a list of all recent system events and allows you to dig deeper and view the entire history of events if you desire as well.

HaikuHelper is a utility application which runs on your Mac and stays connected to your HAI controller(s). When it discovers an important event, it automatically sends a push notification to your iOS device (running Haiku) and lets you respond to it. Notifications are sent for events such as arming, disarming, troubles, alarms, messages, etc.

HaikuHelper 1.50 will support full scripting of the automation system using JavaScript. You can fully control the entire system and receive events and react to them all using the familiar JavaScript scripting language! This new feature adds unparalleled flexibility to your home automation system and to HaikuHelper. You can do many things not previously possible using the built in programming feature of the HAI controller. Full API documentation is included with HaikuHelper, including sample code for many new things that can be done! Great for both installers and end-users familiar with JavaScript to add rich programming capabilities. We're excited to see what you can do with this! Scripting between controllers is supported too for larger homes or anything else you can think of.

But that's not all, there is more HaikuHelper can do, including:

  • Full JavaScript scripting for the HAI controller (coming in 1.50)
  • Display status information for your controllers
  • Send Push Notifications to your iOS devices.
  • Synchronize your controller's time to match your Mac's time.
  • Update your controller's Energy Cost to match that of your TED 5000 energy monitor.
  • Update a RainAdvisory flag to tell your controller whether rain is expected in your area within the next four days.
  • Monitor and control the humidity on your HAI OmniStat(s) to help prevent water condensation on windows in the winter.
  • We're working on more! Send us your ideas!

You can purchase HaikuHelper from the Mac App Store.

Hardware Requirements for Haiku: Haiku supports all recent Ethernet-enabled HAI home automation and security controllers, including: Lumina, Lumina Pro, OmniPro II and Omni IIe. Controller firmware 3.0 or later is required.

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