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GoldCOIN™ Retail e-Brokerage Solution
Delivering a competitive advantage to securities brokerage
GoldCOIN™ Retail e-Brokerage Solution represents a customizable and client brand-able online brokerage platform that enables web, wireless and voice interface capabilities. While offering an effective solution for critical transactional operations, it also focuses on addressing needs for upgrading revenue productivity of individual brokers and other professional representatives.
The solution consists of number of modules that can operate on their own and augment existing systems or as part of the entire GoldCOIN™ solution platform.
Major modules include:
Client Trader
Processes client-initiated orders for equities, options, mutual funds and fixed income securities. It includes;
  Provides maximum power and security to clients trading stocks, options, mutual funds, and fixed income securities
Validate client orders at entry time and route orders for STP or broker approval
Order Management   Keeps track of status of orders throughout order lifecycle during and after market hours. For mutual fund orders, overcome the "information limbo" between books of records and mutual fund companies Change, cancel and duplicate orders during and after market hours
Order Desk
This is the Professionals' control center for entering and processing orders for equities, options, mutual funds and fixed income securities.
Professional Order Entry Functionality
  Communicate floor trader instructions and special messages
Access open orders, balance and positions and activity as part of the review process
Track approval and disapproval of orders
Accept or override estimated commissions and foreign exchange rates
Order Management   Control routing of orders for broker review or STP based on client profile, security and characteristics of order Extensive audit trails for dispute resolution Enter orders on behalf of clients
Professional Center
Provides efficient and functionally rich interface for investment professionals including; Registered Representatives, Investment Advisors, and Financial Planners.
Registered Representative (RR) Center:
  Review and approve orders entered by clients or junior representatives requiring supervision
Review and approve authorization based on licensing regulations of IDA, MFDA, OSFI and provincial commissions
Account and Accountholder Profile Maintenance
Optional: Intra-Day cash transaction management
Investment Advisor (IA) Center:   Defines target asset allocation models for clients, driven by risk aversion and return objectives Benchmarking target allocation model against client holdings over time and providing discrete rebalancing options Future: Design and Construction of clients' financial plan
Account Access Center
Provides client investors and investment professionals with Real-Time Balance & Position information and Activity History queries.
Balances and Holdings:
  Track trading date and settlement date balances, market value, loan value and buying power of account at a consolidated and individual account basis
Access valuation of holdings on either real-time or delayed quote basis
Activity   Access history of trading, money movement, dividends and other account activities beyond the limitations of the book of records Download account activity history to personal finance software Profile   Maintain account profile and account preferences relating to password, order fill notification, contents of client home page.
  •    Security Type
  •    Transaction Type
  •    Date of Transaction
  •    Quantity and Dollar values of transactions
    This is a facility to control and define commission schedules and rules based on multiple criteria.
    Maintain commission schedules based on:
    Allows a brokerage to offer fee-based service to one group of clients and commission-based service to another Permits overriding of default commissions
    Data Mine Facility
    This is an optional facility to the users of the Registered Representative Center. Automates extraction, parsing and uploading of data from back-office systems to GoldCOIN™ databases for Analysis and Reporting.
    Extensive reporting and data extraction capabilities to access:
      Client Investor Profile (income group, age group, investment objectives, net worth growth prospects)
    Client balances and positions
    Client trading activity
    Client web session activities
    Client account aggregation data
    Client personal information
    Product/service profitability
    Integration Adapters
    Allows the integration of GoldCOIN™ Retail e-Brokerage Solution with third-party brokerage systems and other enterprise applications.
    It provides connectivity to:
    Order Management Systems:
        ISM (TICS-OSS & MQ-FILL )
      Spectra ROM-MF, Merril Lynch MBOS
      FIX & OFX
    Account Management Systems:     ISM (UFF)   ADP: SIS (DRI), BPS (BPSA) Market Data Providers:     ILX   Zacks   MorningStar   Reuters   Briefing   BarCharts   And others upon request
    Access Points
    Supports delivery channels that enable users to access the functionality centers of GoldCOIN™ . Enabling anywhere-anytime access.
    Web Browser
      Fully Personalizable interface, "My GoldCOIN"
    Easy navigation to trading, quotes, research and account information, 'Trading desk' look and feel
    Wireless Appliances    Device, protocol and carrier independent "Bolts on" to solutions via loosely-coupled interfaces IVR Phone System   Phone user interfaces via interactive voice recognition (IVR) system Speech-enabled trading applications utilizing Speechworks© technology
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    Keywords: Brokerage, Investment

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