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By: Nubase  09-12-2011
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GoldCOIN™ - Account Aggregation Solution
GoldCOIN - Account Aggregation Solution from Nubase, is one of the most advanced solutions available in the market place today. It allows your customers to securely view their aggregated financial information from their bank, investment, credit card and loan accounts on one screen with a single logon. The aggregated data can be viewed in a variety of formats or used to support various value-added business applications including analytics, advice, funds transfer, bill payment, buy or sell transactions, alerts, and CRM applications.
Benefits of Account Aggregation
Create value for your organization
  Strengthen your relationships by making your site your customers' financial hub
Drive adoption of your lowest cost online servicing channel with in-demand aggregation services
Access critical intelligence about your customers' financial behavior that enables personalization of your cross-sell efforts
Extend the value of your proprietary and third party value-added applications by including held -away account data
Create value for your customers   Access and view all accounts data (summary & detail), from checking to investment, loans, and credit card accounts on one consolidated web page. Ability to transfer funds, pay bills and launch other transactions from one location Analyze and measure rate of aggregated return Generate reports and receive financial advice   Collection Methods The Solution uses multiple methods to collect account information from various sources. These include;   Web site extraction (html parsing/scraping) Direct (XML based) feeds Downloads using QFX/ OFX or QIF formatted files Industry standard or 3rd party data exchanges (e.g., OFX client) Proprietary methods Manual entry of any asset or liability account   Supported Account Types The following account types are aggregated:   Banks/Credit Unions (Savings, Checking, Money Market and CDs) Investments (Equities, Options, Funds) Retirement Accounts Credit Cards LC, Loans and Mortgages Billers   Aggregate Viewer & Analyzer This is the functionality center where the advisor or advisor's clients access a wide variety of aggregated account views, reports and analysis. Views & Reports   Consolidated view of customer accounts Account Summarization & Snapshots Information Aggregation Net worth statement showing a breakdown of assets and liabilities across aggregated accounts as well as personalized, user-entered information. Cross-sell offers Customer retention and cross-marketing Reports Analytics   Portfolio analysis Chart - Calculate and chart historical and cross-account activities Charting showing net worth and portfolio composition Planning & Financial advice Asset allocation and management Analysis Spending and saving patterns analysis   Accounts Center You can setup and manage accounts using the Accounts Center functionality. Setup   Support for many financial services institutions Automatic/manual login security information Permanent/temporary storage of account information Automatic classification of asset and liability accounts View & Reports   Transaction level detail view of all accounts For investment accounts we store the date, symbol, action, quantity, price, amount, and commission Consolidated views of accounts by asset/liability classification Transaction analysis (single account or consolidated)   Fund Manager Funds Manager allows your customers to transfer funds between accounts and pay bills.   Transfer Funds Payment/transaction initiation Bill presentment/payment   Administrator The solution includes the following administration tools:   User profile manager Login Security administrator Permissions and Roles administrator Financial Institutions related information setup Configuration and customization facilities
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Keywords: Account Aggregation, Investment,

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