Norming Payroll Manager- A proven, complete and integrated payroll solution for Sage Accpac ERP

By: Norming  09-12-2011
Keywords: Software Development, Payroll

Sage Accpac provides the US/Canada Payroll as one core module for the North America market, while Norming Software is trying to provide an integrated payroll solution for the market outside North America. If your customer or prospect is based in Asia, Africa, Middle East.., Norming Payroll Manager can make Sage Accpac ERP more complete and competitive as a total solution.

Norming Payroll Manager provides a powerful and complete payroll management solution. You can use it to set up and maintain your employees and earnings, deductions, taxes, and other pay factors used in calculating their payroll. You can process payroll based on timecards or based on information you add when you set up employees. You can track the results of payroll processing on displays and printed reports.

You can use Norming Payroll Manager by itself or as part of an integrated system with Sage Accpac ERP General Ledger. You can also transfer Payroll account data to and from spreadsheet and database applications.

  • Developed using the Sage Accpac SDK.
  • Provides seamless integration with Sage Accpac ERP GL,AP and PJC.
  • Supports unlimited earnings and deductions.
  • Full multicurrency support.
  • Provides a wide variety of calculation method to compute employee earnings and deductions
  • Allows user to define formula for earning/deduction calculation.
  • Enables cost center accounting by overriding GL segment.
  • Allow employee to get paid in home currency or foreign currency.
  • Creates AP invoice to track the salary payment to employee.
  • Integrates with Norming eTimesheet to provide employee self-service timecard entry.
  • Tracks accrual and usage of employee vacations.
  • Provides flexible and customizable tax table to calculate income tax.
  • Provides unlimited optional fields for employee and timecard entry
  • Supports multiple payroll calculation in one pay period.
  • Allows user to calculate income tax on Period to Date or Year to Date basis.
  • Allowed vacation time can accrue according to user-defined formula.
  • Allocates labor cost across multiple cost centers by specified allocation set.
  • Restricts user's access to employee & payroll information by employee or payroll group.
Integrated SolutionNorming Payroll Manager is developed in the latest Accpac Software Development Kit, has the same look, feel, level of integration as the Sage Accpac ERP core modules.
  • Support all the databases for Sage Accpac ERP.
  • Support the Accpac import/export facility.
  • Uses the standard Accpac ERP security control system.
  • Use the fiscal calendar and currency of Common Service module.
  • Posting payroll calculation batch can generate GL transaction automatically.
  • Posting payroll calculation batch can generate AP invoice automatically.
  • Drill down from G/L and A/P to originating payroll calculation entry.


  • Employee earnings/deductions can be calculated in functional or foreign currency.
  • The payroll entries created for GL batch are in functional and foreign currency.
  • Payroll calculation can generate AP invoice in functional or foreign currency.
  • Employer welfare and income tax is calculated in functional currency only.

Standard Reports

  • Divisions
  • Regions
  • Cost Center
  • Departments
  • Jobs
  • Pay Schedule
  • Payroll Group
  • Tax Rebate
  • Income Tax Table
  • Overtime Schedule
  • Loan Class
  • Loan Repayment Schedule
  • Earnings/Deductions
  • Leave Code
  • Pay Template
  • Employee Information
  • Employee Timecard
  • Batch List
  • Batch Status
  • Posting Journal
  • Pay Slip
  • Payroll List
  • Payroll Analysis
  • Yearly Tax
  • Employee Leave History

Keywords: Payroll, Software Development

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