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By: Nobeah  09-12-2011

Ensured Quality Delivery

Nobeah's services are delivered with concrete metrics that help you understand the efficiency, quality, and cost effectiveness of our services within the context of your business.

Nobeah's Remote Managed Consulting Services provide a structured and well managed way for your company to achieve the cost effectiveness of remote resources while maintaining, and improving upon, the productivity of local resources.

Nobeah Business Modeling

Nobeah business analysts will model your business quickly, simply, and accurately with models that are less complicated than other business process models for your company to understand, and that use best practices to enable the models to quickly be automated into software solutions.

Nobeah Specialty Architectural Services

Nobeah's standard service offerings include SOA as well as MDA related assessments, and architecture.

Other products and services from Nobeah



Nobeah's Remote Managed Development is a collection of Nobeah tools and techniques that operate seamlessly with your existing development methodolody and tools, to more efficiently work with remote (or local resources) performing software or solution development, and to dramatically accelerate that development.



The Nobeah Remote Managed Development application (project name Jabliss) will provide modeling and workflow support to automate the use of the Nobeah Remote Managed Development process and Model-Driven Architecture techniques. The Nobeah Remote Managed Development application will also contain workflow functionality to automate the process of collaborating with developers remotely for the purpose of managing those developers.