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Nobeah Remote Managed Development

Nobeah's Remote Managed Development is a collection of Nobeah tools and techniques that operate seamlessly with your existing development methodolody and tools, to more efficiently work with remote (or local resources) performing software or solution development, and to dramatically accelerate that development.

Attractive Cost

Within Nobeah’s remote development technique the interaction between each Nobeah architect and each developer is well structured. Based on the cost of the remote developer’s time being much lower, the average cost of remote development will be effectively from the Nobeah architect’s rate while still producing the high quality results of onsite Nobeah services. The greater the number of remote development consultants contracted by Nobeah for the customer, the higher the effective discount for the customer.

Permits Better Allocation of Internal Resources

Employees are more familiar with the companies business than are contractors of most levels of skill and experience. Projects are often best served when employees focus on the parts of projects dealing with aspects of projects that are specific to the company’s internal systems … leaving the laborious routine coding to contractors. Such aspects include gathering or outlining requirements, creating an architecture consistent with the company’s environment and strategic goals, and employing shared services that the company has created and that are therefore unique to that environment. Nobeah managed remote development efficiently assigns responsibility to allow company employees to focus on more value-added work.

Avoid Recruitment and Screening of Resources

Maintain Security of Data and Internal Processes

In general components can be categorized as being dependent on internal systems or having no dependencies on internal systems. Our experience in the architecture and design and development of systems reveals that for well-designed and architected systems the vast majority of work will require no access whatsoever to the companies systems. Only the onsite Nobeah representative or customers system administrator actually deploying the components needs to know the configuration settings (which sometimes include logins and passwords) of the customer’s deployment environment.

Keywords: Internal Systems

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Nobeah business analysts will model your business quickly, simply, and accurately with models that are less complicated than other business process models for your company to understand, and that use best practices to enable the models to quickly be automated into software solutions.



The Nobeah Remote Managed Development application (project name Jabliss) will provide modeling and workflow support to automate the use of the Nobeah Remote Managed Development process and Model-Driven Architecture techniques. The Nobeah Remote Managed Development application will also contain workflow functionality to automate the process of collaborating with developers remotely for the purpose of managing those developers.