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By: Nmv International  09-12-2011

to download the Pre-Application Assessment Questionnaire (Skilled Worker)

to download the Pre-Application Assessment Questionnaire (Bussiness immigartion Worker)

Business Immigrants

The Business immigration programs of Federal government and Provincial government are designed to promote economic development and employment by attracting people with venture capital, business acumen and entrepreneurial skills. The anticipation of Canadian government from these business immigration and business relocation programs are development of new commercial opportunities.

Prospective business immigrants to Canada may chose any one of the different business related categories all of which are distinct and have advantages and disadvantages, depending on an applicant's personal circumstances.

The three main business categories are:

In all three business immigration categories, documentation for the application is a most important aspect for the success. All these categories requires proper demonstration of financial resources and availabilities with management or self-employment experience.

With the Federal government encouragement and support, many provinces of Canada have their own Business immigration programs which will work in liaison with the federal immigration system. Thus these provinces created a substantial number of subcategories under the business immigration system and offering many more options than ever before to prospective business immigrants with respect to their immigration and their possible business relocation.