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By: Nmodal Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Data Transformation, Web Traffic Analysis,


nModal Solutions believes that the ability to quickly work with data drives competitive advantage, and that a whole class of reasonably priced, visual, easy to use but powerful data tools have been missing from the marketplace.

nModal also believes that data quality will be more and more of a value driver for enterprises- and that empowering people with tools that can both data profile, and transform, will radically reduce the cost of data transformation and increase the speed at which data can be made useful.

To create the tools that make this possible, nModal has developed a data canvas framework- which provides a visual, block and connector workspace that brings flexible, visual data transformation to the desktop.

This framework is used in nModals two product lines:

  • - a tool for web analytics, that connects to Google AnalyticsTM through the GData API, and provides a powerful data transformation capability for web traffic analysis.

Keywords: Data Transformation, Web Traffic Analysis,

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