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By: Niermann Weeks  09-12-2011
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The curving spoon back of our new Marsan Side Chair is enhanced with hand-turned knobs at the seat and by a slight break in the legs’ line.  This elegant profile provides comfortable support as a dining or occasional chair, and the subtle carved details keeps the eye’s focus on the architectural symmetry of the design. 

The chair measures 21.5”w x 26.5”d x 40.5h”, and is shown in our Carelian walnut finish. 

As seen in Architectural Digest, November 2011

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The Verona Cabinet combines restraint in its simple shape with exuberance in its finish.  Layers of antique whites and creams serve as a counterpoint to the delicate linear panels inset into the façade.  The distressed gold leaf finish on the door panels and decorative brass banding around the top further enhance the warmth of the finish. 

The cabinet measures 35.5”w x 20”d x 32.25”h, and is finished in our new Carrara white & gold leaf finish.

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The elegant legs of our Scroll Console connectin inter-arching curves of hand-forged steel.  We highlighted the metal base with a faux gilded bronze finish, and painted the planked wooden top in our well-worn Polonaise white finish.  The console measures 50.75” wide by 25.75” deep by  32.5” high. 

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Light reflects around and through the Trianon Chandelier’s composition of curves, highlighted by strings of graduated round crystals and an warmly patinated silver leaf finish.  Small sprays of crystal florets flare out underneath the domed top add a touch of whimsy. 

The chandelier measures 30” diameter by 39” high, and is shown in our new Distressed silver leaf finish. 

During an antiquing trip to France, we spotted a wonderful antique lantern which inspired us to create our new Palissy Lantern.  We offer this lantern in a traditional French shape which includes eight lights, four projecting out from the frame and another four shimmering inside.   The glass curtain is composed of vertical rows of thin glass tubing, lightly silver-leafed inside the fixture, to lend shimmer to the overall effect.  

The lantern measures 30.25” diameter by 30.25” high with 8 lights, and is shown in our Baroque gold leaf finish.

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Joe Niermann created the Dominique Ceiling Fixture after admiring a swirling art deco stair railing in a home in Paris.  He simplified the silhouette and punctuated its interior space with crystal balls.  The arms form a stylized fleur de lys motif and alternate high and low, casting intriguing golden shadows. 

 The ceiling fixture measures 24″ diameter by 16″ high with six lights and is shown in our Gilt Rust finish.   

With its bold silhouette, expressive curves and golden finish, our new Bergerac Floor Lamp brings elegant light into any décor.  We found our inspiration in the Paris flea market for the restrained simplicity of our starburst top, reminiscent of the new designs that emerged in 1940′s France. 

The Bergerac Floor Lamp measures 20 dia x 69 high with the shade, and is shown in our Distressed gold leaf finish. 

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We found the original wreck of this table years ago at an antique shop in Palm Beach.  The poor table had led a hard life, and its once shiny finish had become battered and chipped.  In homage to the original, we kept the thin top and wonderful chunky legs that resembled a pineapple’s outer skin.  Our table is made of oak, brushed away and over-painted to reflect the essential durability of this wonderful table.  Only later did we discover that Jean-Michel Frank, the modern French master of design, created the original.  Niermann Weeks is proud to present our re-interpretation of his elegance.

The Pineapple Coffee Table measures 46w x 30d x 18h, and is shown in our Bleached oak finish. 

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Verrocchio Chandelier

We developed the design of our Verrocchio Chandelier from an early nineteenth century Italian antique which Joe discovered in a home in Charleston, South Carolina.  He increased the size to fit today’s standards and stripped away most of the original superfluous decorative elements to pare the piece down to its essential elements. The resulting Verrocchio Chandelier represents the bold essence of the original antique.

The Verrocchio Chandelier measures 34″ diameter by 33″ high, and it is shown in our new Italian Gold Leaf finish.

Lucchese Mirror

The discovery and excavation of ancient Pompeii in the late eighteenth century sparked a revival of all things classical. These timeless motifs adorned almost every imaginable decorative surface, from doors, windows, and wall panels to chairs, tables, and fireplace surrounds, and they marked the beginning of the neo-classical era. We found a particularly wonderful collection of period engravings by the architect Michelangelo Pergolesi, and have translated them onto our Lucchese Mirror frame.

The Lucchese Mirror measures 30″w x 51″h and is shown with light antiqued mirror.

Lucchese Mirror Detail

Niermann Weeks' Coquille Chandelier

Niermann Weeks introduces the Coquille Chandelier.

A symphony of curves, this new fixture is finished in a subtle camel & gold leaf finish, highlighting the sinuous structure with splashes of antiqued gold leaf. We then strung delicate cascades of alternating oval and round beads on this elegant framework in rhythmic curves reminiscent of the ridges of a scallop shell.

The chandelier measures 33.75” in diameter by 38.5” high.

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Niermann Weeks Zinc Lantern

Zinc Lantern

Niermann Weeks introduces the Zinc Lantern.  We took the basic design of our Zinc Wall Lantern and translated it into a classicaly proportioned hanging lantern.  We included details from the original antique such as the head of Mercury and perforated top gallery, then took our inspiration for the painted zinc finish from an antique French watering can.

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Niermann Weeks Chester Screen Panel

We found a set of old barn shutters at an antique shop near the Chesapeake Bay and fell in love with their crumbly white texture.

We kept them around for years as a finish reference, and recently used them as a display prop in one of our showrooms. We got some many requests to purchase them that we decided to add them to our line as the Chester Screen Panel.

We’ve faithfully recreated the finish of our old shutters on the new screen, but fortunately without any of the actual flaking paint of the originals!

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Niermann Weeks' Lille Sconce is New for 2010

Niermann Weeks' Kent Sconce is New for 2010

Did you know that almost half of Niermann Weeks business is custom furniture and lighting?  It really opens us up for some great opportunities to create great new products too!  Sometimes our customers want standard product in a non-standard size or finish.  Sometimes they dream of a product all on their own, and we help them make it a reality.
And then sometimes our customers are able to see our products in a way that we haven’t. The latter is the case our two newest sconces, the Kent and the Lille, customers ordered each of these from us and we loved them so much that we thought we’d add them to our standard product line!
We hope that you enjoy the Kent and the Lille as much as we do!

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Niermann Weeks' Monteverdi Chandelier


Sometimes a single curve can inspire an entire new design, as is the case with our Monteverdi Chandelier. The simple silhouette of the frame presents a distinctive and dynamic form that can fit in traditional or contemporary interiors.

The chandelier measures 38″ diameter by 33.25″ high and is finished in our new forged steel finish.

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Niermann Weeks Introduces The Crevecoeur Chandelier New For 2010

New for 2010, Niermann Weeks introduces the Crevecoeur Chandelier.

The Crevecoeur started life as a typical antique chandelier loaded down with tons of goopy crystals. Somehow the frame seemed dynamic enough to make us decide to explore different variations based on the basic frame. Editing and paring away the excess revealed this fixture.

Measuring in at 36″ in diameter an 34″ high with 12 lights, the Crevecoeur Chandelier is shown in our Veronese Silver Leaf finish and available exclusively at Niermann Weeks’ Showrooms.

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Niermann Weeks Easton Occasional Table is new for 2010

Almost 400 years ago, when the Eastern Shore of  the Chesapeake Bay was first being colonized, working class Englishmen were making reproductions of classic furniture pieces familiar to them from their home country.  While many of these pieces lacked the quality of fabrication of their British counterparts, they did manage to retain their usefulness and charm.  We stumbled upon a small occasional table there with a cast iron base and a rotting wood top, and re-imagined it as a true occasional table with the original style and luxury of the English classic pieces returned.

And now Niermann Weeks is introducing the  Easton Occasional Table in 2010.  Styled after some of the first American furniture, the  Easton is a true occasional table, able to be easily moved from one place to another and with a quality and craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.  Like all Niermann Weeks’ pieces, the  Easton Occasional Table is made in our Maryland factory by American workers and constructed of locally sourced materials.  Measuring 29” in diameter and 30” high, the  Easton Occasional Table is available in our  Southern Walnut finish exclusively at Niermann Weeks’ Showrooms.

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Niermann Weeks Chatsworth Table - New for 2009

Niermann Weeks Chatsworth Table in Celadon

New for 2009, the Niermann Weeks Chatsworth Table, shown in our Celadon Finish and available exclusively through Niermann Weeks’ Showrooms.

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Acanthe Chandelier

Niermann Weeks Announces the Acanthe Chandelier:

Niermann Weeks, an industry leader in high-end custom furnishings,
is expanding its ever-growing collection of lighting with the Acanthe Chandelier.
This 12 light fixture features tole leaves affixed to an organic and sinuous vine
frame featuring our new Polonaise White finish

While inspired by Joe and Eleanor’s travels through Europe during the changing
seasons, the Acanthe Chandelier also evokes a warm and familiar vintage feel
that will be equally welcoming and at home in both residential and hospitality settings.

This chandelier is 31.25″ in diameter and 26″ high.

Vivaldi Chandelier

Niermann Weeks Introduces the Vivaldi Chandelier for 2009:

Like the work of the composer for which it is named, the Vivaldi Chandelier reflects a flamboyant,
almost playful, exuberance with its light and swelling form.

Developed from forms found on Joe Niermann and Eleanor McKay’s extensive travels through Italy,
the Vivaldi Chandelier is Niermann Weeks’ newest addition to our already extensive line of innovating
lighting.  Offered in our exclusive Chalk Rust finish, the Vivaldi Chandelier is available through Niermann
Weeks showrooms.

The Chandelier measures 38″ in diameter by 36″ high with 9 lights.

Nautilus Chandelier

Niermann Weeks Introduces the Nautilus Chandelier for 2009:

Spira mirabilis, Latin for “miraculous spiral”, was a term used by Renaissance
scholars to describe the inherent beauty contained by the shell of the nautilus.

The result Joe Niermann’s interest in this form is the Nautilus Chandelier, a luxuriously
beaded frame of three nautilus shells that will add unmatched beauty and elegance to
your own space.  Niermann Weeks, an industry leader in the design of innovative lighting,
offers this chandelier in our own Mecca Silver finish exclusively through our showrooms.

The Nautilus Chandelier measures 30″ in diameter by 38″ in height and comes with 12 lights (4 in each shell).

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You can order a range of custom sizes, with or without a shelf, in the Baltic white & gold leaf finish as shown or in any of our other standard or premium finishes to perfectly fit your space. Our artisans will be working in the showroom to transform the look of the chandelier from its current rustic Toulon white finish to the glamour of our new Veronese silver leaf finish.