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By: Nevex  09-12-2011

NEVEX CacheWorks offloads I/O from primary storage to local high performance media, allowing storage to be used for capacity, not over-provisioned for performance.

CacheWorks installs seamlessly into the Windows operating system itself, providing a cache solution that is transparent to users, applications, and storage systems.

First read data is retrieved from primary storage and copied to the NEVEX cache. A second read promotes data to system memory. Subsequent reads are returned at high-performance RAM or Flash speed. All data is written synchronously to both the primary storage and the cache.

Only the active parts of files are cached, optimizing performance and the utilization of the Flash/SSD cache size.

When the cache is full, newly identified active data evicts stale data from the cache, utilizing a proprietary eviction algorithm.

CacheWorks installs into the Windows Server OS, on a physical server or running in a VM under VMware, Hyper-V, etc. NEVEX also runs in the Host OS for Hyper-V, supporting live migration.

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NEVEX Technology and Products

Tailored to fit the budget-conscious requirements of the small and medium-size business, NEVEX software products are hardware-agnostic and highly-automated. Files are cached to whatever device or system the customer uses: RAM, SSD, regular drives, even NAS or other large storage systems. NEVEX software is hardware-agnostic and highly automated, enabling application administrators to focus on other issues.


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Being both flash-agnostic and file focused, NEVEX empowers administrators to decide precisely what data is most critical to their organization and then to surgically deliver IO acceleration – improving performance and reducing latency - where it is needed and most valuable.. NEVEX is turning the traditional caching approach on its head, by moving from a reactive mode to a proactive determination of what gets the benefits of caching.