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By: Nevex  09-12-2011

“NEVEX is turning the traditional caching approach on its head, by moving from a reactive mode to a proactive determination of what gets the benefits of caching.

Being both flash-agnostic and file focused, NEVEX empowers administrators to decide precisely what data is most critical to their organization and then to surgically deliver IO acceleration – improving performance and reducing latency - where it is needed and most valuable.”

Mark Peters, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

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Tailored to fit the budget-conscious requirements of the small and medium-size business, NEVEX software products are hardware-agnostic and highly-automated. Files are cached to whatever device or system the customer uses: RAM, SSD, regular drives, even NAS or other large storage systems. NEVEX software is hardware-agnostic and highly automated, enabling application administrators to focus on other issues.


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CacheWorks installs into the Windows Server OS, on a physical server or running in a VM under VMware, Hyper-V, etc. NEVEX also runs in the Host OS for Hyper-V, supporting live migration. CacheWorks installs seamlessly into the Windows operating system itself, providing a cache solution that is transparent to users, applications, and storage systems.