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By: Neal Jennings  09-12-2011

Tax return preparation

I prepare Canadian tax returns (and other filings) for all sorts of persons and organizations. Whether you're a student, a doctor, an employee, an entertainer, or a small business I can prepare your return! I am also available to prepare US personal tax returns in most situations.

I am equipped to prepare the following tax filings:

  • Personal income tax returns (T1)
  • US Personal income tax returns (1040)
  • Corporate income tax returns (T2 and provincial equivalent for Canadian-Controlled Private Corporations only)
  • Partnership income and information returns (T5013)
  • Employment, investment, and other income statements/slips (T4, T5, NR4, etc.)
  • GST/HST returns

If you prefer to have in-person meetings with an accountant and need assistance finding one, I will be glad to provide you with a referral where possible.

How it works:

    Rates for personal tax return preparation vary according to the amount of work required. Generally, a current-year basic return for an employed individual will start around $100, but will increase depending on the nature of your income (such as the inclusion of rental or business income) and special deductions that you may claim, and the complexity of your return.

    Return preparation for a small corporation or partnership will generally be around $1,000 but could decrease or increase depending on the complexity of the entity's activities. Please enquire for a quote.

    All values are in CAD (or USD converted at par), please enquire for other currencies.

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