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By: Nbien Tech  09-12-2011

  • Virucidal

  • Sporocidal

  • Bactericidal

  • Fungicidal

  • Destroys plague

  • Destroys cholera

  • Destroys anthrax

  • Destroys the epidemic of avian influenza (H5N[1-9]) without killing the birds and/or animals.

  • Disinfection, sterilization, disinfection of contaminated areas, treatment of birds and animals without killing them.

  • Destroys the foci of infection during epidemics.

  • Destroys extremely dangerous poisons.

  • Affects germs and viruses without giving them the slightest chance to survive.

  • Disinfection and treatment of various surfaces in the room, meat industry, plumbing, food equipment, piping, containers, utensils, furniture, linens, and even children toys.

  • Eliminates odors leaving absolutely no odor itself.

  • Purifies waste water from toxic substances without forming wastewater hazardous compounds in the air.

  • To apply by sanitary and epidemiological services.

  • Sanitizes equipment in the meat industry.

  • Used in poultry and processing plants - for disinfection of poultry slaughtering in the shop, meat processing sites, cleaning and disinfection of meat and egg packaging in production facilities for the poultry industries, as well to prevent epidemics and pandemics of avian influenza virus.

  • Preventative spray of the floors of public showers, locker rooms against fungal and other skin infections (at the campground sites, swimming pools etc. right before stepping up onto the floor).

  • Effective and cost-effective complete disinfection solution of contaminated areas (coast, beaches) of various types of microorganisms (bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms, including spore-forming and most dangerous - cholera, plague, anthrax) - effectiveness of the disinfectant is 100-1000 times higher than any other disinfectant used in the world on various contaminated surfaces or objects, and the concentration required for complete disinfection is less than 100-1000 times without further neutralization of disinfectants or additional cleaning of them after treatment.

  • Complete detoxification of poisonous and toxic organic or inorganic substances without releasing toxic gases or toxic products (with the decomposition rate constant of 50% in 42 minutes).

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    Xenon-based chemical reagents | Nbien

    Our patented, environmentally friendly and completely safe technology allows us to syntheses xenon-based reagents in kilogram quantities, with substance purity of 99.9%, and lower prices by tenfold* than any other manufacturer. These are super-oxidants which can be used as an reagent to produce new classes of organic or inorganic compounds, which is evident for oxidants with valency of 4, 6 and 8, and oxidation-reduction potential of 2.7-3.0V.