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By: Navita  09-12-2011
Keywords: Risk Management, commodity trading, risk management system

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A word about Speed

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Pomax is an enterprise-class commodity trading and risk management system that gives you benefits no other software can match. Don´t waste your time managing data. Pomax automatically downloads market prices and calculates volatility and correlations. The system analyzes market trends. With no programming, you access data from exchanges. One click does the work.RECORD IMPLEMENTATION TIME. With a minimum of customization, you can be up and running in 12 weeks, including in-house training. No other system can match that.REAL-TIME ALL THE TIME. What is your current position? Pomax provides real-time, single screen configurable views of current positions, market-to-market, average prices and VaR. User can also create a highly complex structured contract with multiple parameters linked to as many time series as necessary. What you don´t get, is a spread sheet. Pomax has a sophisticated recalculation engine. The information you seek is available at all times. When a contract changes, there is only one number to update. No reconfiguration, no delay, just move on.SEE THE WORLD. A powerful concept let´s Pomax plot any parameter change in the trading world, daily, monthly, whenever. You don´t need to learn any new programming skills to access Time Series. Still, Pomax models them far more simply than our competitors. You get the picture in just a glance. IT´S ALL IN THE BOX. We can customize Pomax to your content requirements, but it delivers 90% of big system functionality right out-of-the-box. The costs are less than half of the bigger systems but the output is still at 90%. The reliability is at the highest level. Pomax uses Oracle databases and Microsoft development tools.ENDLESS TESTING. Pomax has been tested through millions of hours of daily use at large scale production systems. Unique benefits, record low implementation time, simple operations, low costs and high performance – that is what Pomax brings to the commodity trading industry.

Keywords: commodity trading, Risk Management, risk management system