SharePoint Governance

By: Navantis  09-12-2011

For companies using SharePoint but have difficulty managing how it is used, our SharePoint Governance framework provides an in-depth classification and management solution to help you control all aspects of the implementation, roll-out, and operation of SharePoint.

If your organization is planning to, or has already adopted Microsoft SharePoint, we have designed the SharePoint Governance framework and consulting methodology that will meet your complex requirements and help you establish an enterprise governance program.  Using Microsoft SharePoint, we will work with you to implement an effective governance solution that will satisfy your collaboration needs, document management desires, records management needs, and knowledge management requirements.

There are numerous immediate and long-term benefits to adopting and deploying our SharePoint Governance solution, including:

  • Alignment of technology to strategic business objectives
  • Formal process for change management, prioritization, and decision making
  • Increased adoption and participation from business stakeholders
  • Usability through information architecture
  • Definition of taxonomy and records management strategies for archiving and preserving content
  • Cost management and risk mitigation
  • Process for evolving the platform and phased roll-outs
  • Ensure that the platform can be effectively managed
  • Establishment of measurement framework to ensure platform is delivering as expected

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