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By: Namesbeyond Web Design Company  09-12-2011
Keywords: search engines

Number of incoming links or the outgoing links for your site from various sites and directories is known as link popularity. Directories can include Business directory, Web directory and links from sites with articles can also add to this popularity evaluation.

Link popularity is achieved when you add links to various search engines, websites and directories. It is popularly known as link building. Greater the number of incoming or inbound links, greater the page rank and page popularity.

Campaign duration (Maintenance)

Many organizations feel that once their site has been optimized, then their work over the site optimization is complete, while actually there is much more. They do not realize that the search engines keep changing their algorithms at regular intervals, hence having tremendous impact over your site’s rank and position. You need to realize that a SEO campaign / maintenance is an ongoing process that needs to be monitored regularly to have a competitive edge and reach your targeted results using your specific keywords.

SEO Maintenance Service include

  • Keyword monitoring
  • Web Statistics
  • Log Tracking
  • Website rank monitoring
  • Re-optimization of few keywords (optional)

Keywords: search engines

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