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By: Munich Re  09-12-2011
Keywords: Risk Management, Product Development , long term care

Improved risk management of individual insurance products
Munich Re provides a full range of underwriting services you need to manage mortality and morbidity risks, a key to attaining your profit objectives.

Underwriting support
Expect rapid turnaround service (within 24 hours) and competitive, creative solutions when you require assistance on medical, non-medical or financial underwriting situations. For facultative business, underwriting support is available for Life, Disability, and Critical Illness. Our underwriters have significant experience managing the large amount case. Better still, our expertise and size allows us to offer the level of capacity that gives our clients a key competitive edge.

New product support
Our underwriters are actively involved in the product development process for new products such as Preferred Risk, Critical Illness and Long Term Care. Specific areas of assistance include helping design application forms; establishing routine underwriting requirements; setting underwriting philosophy and guidelines; and providing training.

Identifying risk exposures
Written audit reports provide valuable feedback on areas of exposure or deficiencies in risk selection practices and procedures. In addition, our clients receive a comparison to market practices and recommendations for improving results.

Underwriting tools
As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance our underwriting service, we provide:

  • underwriting manuals for Life, Disability, Critical Illness and Long term Care
  • periodic underwriting publications and surveys

Keywords: long term care, Product Development , Risk Management, underwriting

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