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By: Munich Re  09-12-2011

A claim for expertise and service
A treaty with Munich Re provides much more than reinsurance protection. Claims management services is one key value added benefit.

We know what our clients expect when it comes to claims management: expert advice and timely service. To deliver on that expectation, Munich Re provides a full range of expert claims services, including Claim Reviews, Special Consultations and Training.

Munich Re's professional claims services department is comprised of seasoned claims consultants with many years of successful experience in the direct insurance and reinsurance industry, all well qualified to assess claims department operations and offer advice on best practices. Our consultants also hold positions on the claims executive committees of both the CLHIA and the LIIC. Whether expertise is needed on individual or group life and disability, individual or group critical illness, or long-term care, Munich Re is there to provide innovative, professional claims management solutions.

Claim Reviews
Effective claims management is a critical aspect of an insurer's overall success, and one that must be diligently monitored to ensure the proper utilization of current best practices. This is a core service for our clients. Munich Re's Annual Review service provides a thorough, regularly scheduled assessment of the effectiveness of your company's claims management practices.

Intensive reviews are also conducted based upon requests from clients who are in need of a periodic extensive assessment. Munich Re's experienced consultants can also be counted on to lead claims purges; an in-depth review of a specific block of claims that produces recommendations for better case resolutions.

Intensive reviews and purges are also available to non-clients on a fee for service basis and for clients, in the case of non-reinsured blocks of claims.

Focused reviews for the following may also be performed: rehabilitation, surveillance, transition from "short-term to long-term" disability, internal audits, medical consultant assessment, etc. The specific goals of focused reviews are outlined below:

  • To measure and detail level of activity per file
  • To evaluate the quality of intervention and report provided
  • To assess the appropriateness of referrals for intervention
  • To assess the effectiveness and cost of intervention per file
  • To establish criteria for the seamless transition of claims

Special Claim Consultations
For complex or challenging claims, our claims professionals can provide Special Consultations, offering guidance and a fresh perspective. In many cases, this type of consultation is required for resolution of specific claims. Individual case resolution may not always be the only consultation required. Difficulty resolving some cases may be the result of a procedural or structural issue, which can be identified by our experienced claims professionals.

Consultations on departmental operations provide companies with advice on how to most efficiently structure their claims departments and how to most effectively partner with other claims service providers, such as rehabilitation firms. Munich Re clients also have access to professional consultation on litigation issues with a focus on the best approaches to litigated claims, to optimize claims settlement costs.

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