Broker Origination Software from Marlborough Stirling Canada

By: Morweb  09-12-2011
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Marlborough Stirling Canada's web-based mortgage origination application is designed specifically to increase the productivity and efficiency of mortgage brokers and lenders.

Built on Microsoft technology and with the input of brokers and lenders from across Canada, the system can enable more efficient communication between brokers, borrowers and lenders.

MorWEB was developed specifically in response to the unique needs of Canadian mortgage brokers, with the following key components:

  • web-based real-time connectivity
  • proactive task management
  • real time case tracking
  • document management
  • a full suite of financial calculators

Lender Connectivity
MorWEB provides up to date, meaningful rate and product information from lenders. Real time case tracking ensures you always know the status of pending deals in real time. Approvals can be received through the system or via email. The system can also be set up to assist in determining which lender is the most appropriate for any mortgage application.

Document Management
Built in document management capabilities can reduce dependency on paper files. Scanned and emailed documents can be attached directly against the file and can be retrieved and viewed at any time. You can also manage conditions, as well as deliver supporting documents to the lender electronically. No more lost or unreadable documents, nor any further need for the lender to match hard copy documents with electronic files.

Task Management
Real time event reminders ensure that you are always aware of what needs to be done and when, so you're less likely to miss important deadlines. Proactive task management functionality ensures that brokers, agents and administrators are all aware as to who is responsible for what actions in the mortgage origination process. Mortgage brokers can create their own event or task reminders to suit their individual business style.

Financial Calculators
The system has a number of tools to help you model a deal, including pre-qualifiers, amortization schedules and financing comparison sheets. Additionally, mortgage brokers can have some or all of these tools hosted on their web sites along with a simple application. Referral sources and prospective clients can complete the web application and forward it electronically to the broker's system, where it is automatically ingested.

Tailored to Canadian Business Requirements
During the planning and development of the broker product, Marlborough Stirling hosted focus groups and seminars across the country to confirm our understanding of the needs of Canadian mortgage brokers and lenders.

The result is a system that brings the functionality required to streamline processes between brokers and lenders onto one platform that has been built from the ground up with the involvement of the end users.

Here's what some of our focus group participants had to say:

"What truly encourages me is that Marlborough Stirling wants to know what it takes from the mortgage broker's point of view to improve their business. Too often we have companies telling us what we need instead of asking us what we need! I hope you will involve me again as you develop your program."

"What really impressed me about Marlborough Stirling is that they came to the mortgage brokerage community and asked us what we want and need. We are very pleased that they are genuinely interested in the success of the independent mortgage broker."

MorWEB is hosted with Q9 Networks, a leading Canadian provider of outsourced Internet infrastructure and related managed services for companies with mission-critical Internet operations.

Q9 offers access to one of the most extensively connected networks in Canada, delivering unparalleled access to Canadian and worldwide Internet audiences. With direct connections to major providers in Canada and the U.S., the Q9 network effectively bypasses congested Network Access Points, allowing Internet access through the most direct route possible. The Q9 network is fully redundant and has been designed to eliminate any single points of failure. In fact, Q9 leads the industry with its 100% network availability guarantee, backed by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement.

Q9's comprehensive reporting capabilities and diagnostic tools allow Marlborough Stirling to proactively troubleshoot problems and capacity issues well in advance of any negative impact to MorWEB's end users, and Q9's managed firewall service ensures MorWEB's data is secure. Q9 also provides managed back up and recovery services to ensure business continuity and minimize unnecessary down time.

Keywords: Brokers And Lenders, Document Management, Mortgage Brokers

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