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By: Morgan Solar  09-12-2011

Sun Simba Overview

Based on our standard, mass-produced Light-guide Solar Optic (LSO), the Sun Simba is a fully engineered, modular concentrating solar panel that is easily scaled to customer needs. Standardization and modularity reduce project development costs, timelines, and expensive Balance of System (BOS) components associated with traditional PV installations.

Built using fewer, simpler materials – acrylic, glass, aluminum, and a sliver of a high efficiency PV cell – and well-established manufacturing processes, the Sun Simba will generate electricity at significantly lower costs than existing solar panels, while converting sunlight to electricity at efficiencies on par with industry leaders. Further, the Sun Simba is optimally designed to perform in high heat, high wind-load, and extreme moisture conditions, leading to less downtime and lower maintenance costs.

At this time, Morgan Solar is deploying Sun Simbas at test and demonstration in Ontario and in California. First commercial deliveries of turnkey, ground-mounted Sun Simba systems are expected in mid-2012.

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Advantages | Morgan Solar

It’s the first concentrating panel that doesn’t require a significant focal distance between the optic and the cell – it’s not another lens or mirror design. Our success will not drive up the cost of our materials, as thin film panel manufacturers will as they consume more of the fixed global supply of tellurium.


How it Works | Morgan Solar

The LSO is a thin optical structure made from simple acrylic and glass components that internally traps and redirects sunlight, concentrating it onto a small, high efficiency photovoltaic cell attached at the optic’s centre. Designed to capture and concentrate sunlight – not the image of the sun – the need for focal depth and the related bulky enclosures of competing Concentrated Photovoltaic systems are eliminated.