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By: Mojeaix  09-12-2011
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It is ultimately all about your data. Think of your data as a “baby” riding in a car. To properly protect that precious cargo, infrastructure must be carefully bought and managed. For example:

  • The car is equivalent to servers, workstations or laptops;
  • The driver of the car are equivalent to software applications;
  • The roads, interchanges and bridges on which the car drives are equivalent to network cables, switches and routers;

The most important thing, though, is protecting and transporting and nourishing the baby. To best work with your precious data. Computer infrastructure lets you do these things. Check in on our highly-respected suppliers of computer infrastructure: Dell, Tigerdirect and LaCie. They have the right stuff and make selection and buying simple. Careful, baby on board.


Security, Backup And Disaster Recovery Solutions

Security is all about protecting the data that keeps your business running. And your data faces a number of risks from both inside and outside the organization, including:

  • The Internet: a continuous source of malevolent viruses, hackers, identity thieves, spyware/malware, spam and other online threats.
  • Employees and users: many companies overlook the fact that some of the most serious security threats come, either unintentionally or by design, from their own employees.
  • Applications: if your mission-critical applications crash, you’ve got to get them back online absolutely as soon as possible. Anyone who’s been through a server breakdown will tell you that the costs mount immediately and fast. In financial terms, the losses can begin in the thousands of dollars per hour. And in terms of anxiety for you and your team, only the sky’s the limit.

The good news is that together, Mojeaix and its partners can save you the money and aggravation of security failures. With the products of the vendors below – who’ve been carefully vetted and promise best-in-class products and services – Mojeaix offers you comprehensive anti-virus and backup solutions.

We also design and implement policies that permit secure employee use of your computer network and physically protect your systems.

Keywords: Car , computer network, Secure Employee