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By: Mobile Distillery  09-12-2011
Keywords: Mobile Applications

Fast growing markets in need of next gen' tools…

As mobile devices become more powerful and connectivity becomes a crucial factor, more and more companies are producing innovative content and services to address the full potential of the mobile market. 
In areas such as Social Networking, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Business and Payment, Transportation or Entertainment, corporations face growing challenges: how to deploy their applications across a wide enough range of handsets to reach their target users, while at the same time managing all the differences between each device.

… enabling innovative mobile content creation

Mobile Distillery’s solutions and services have been developed to overcome the complexity of mobile platform fragmentation. 

By simplifying the different steps of mobile application production, we help our customers to manage the development, porting and optimization of their applications across multiple handsets, mobile operators, and geographies using existing and emerging mobile technologies such as NFC, Htpp, Bluetooth, SMS, Rich Multimedia, Touch Screen, etc.

… making the most of every device

Mobile Distillery’s industrial tools are mass-market focused.    

We ensure that mobile applications are optimized for the unique features of every phone – from the most basic to the cutting edge. This gives our clients access to the broadest possible range of handsets – and the widest possible client base.

In 2008 alone, more than 300 different mobile applications and games were created using Mobile Distillery’s award winning automated porting suite. Mobile Distillery’s servers have generated over 250,000 compilations.

Keywords: Mobile Applications