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By: Mike Lipkin  09-12-2011
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The One Life, One Meeting Package

Drawing on the celebrated Environics social values research and his conversations with over one million people in forty-three countries, Mike shows you how to build personal preeminence in every encounter with every person. The complete One Life, One Meeting System will give you proven, powerful methods that help you bring out the best in people so they bring out their best for you. Full of practical, actionable insights, it will expand your capacity to produce remarkable results with others.

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Order One Life, One Meeting Now and receive the book, CD set and Power to Persuade DVD for $50.

Read the book first. A fast, easy read that will give you the insights you need to be preeminent in every meeting. It's even got pictures to make it even more enjoyable. Do the exercises Mike has set you in the book. Talk about what you've learnt. Sharing your learning with others is the fastest way to learn.

Listen to the audio-program. It's an abridged version of the book. It focuses primarily on the meaning of Ichi-go, Ichi-e, Preeminence and Lipkin's Ten Laws of Preeminent Communication. Listen to it over and over again – repetition is the mother of learning. Listen to it especially before your important meetings – it will help you be preeminent in those meetings.

Watch the DVD. Pause after each chapter. Think about how you can apply the lessons you've just learnt. If you're watching it with others, create a conversation around Mike's message. Encourage everyone to offer a point of view. And encourage them to take action on what they've just learned.

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Keywords: One Meeting

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