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By: Michael Power  09-12-2011
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“Dot”: Old English. A spot. A mark. A period used in applications as a name separator in files and web addresses. “Indicia”: Latin. Signs, indications, evidence. “Dot Indicia”: A personal blog examining marks and signs in our world about information, privacy and security.

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Keywords: Security

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Health Canada issued a Notice indicating that “patient management software” is subject to the Medical Devices Regulations and regulated under Canada’s Food and Drugs Act. I would suggest that anyone considering how best to prevent breach management really think in terms of “incident management”. Dealing with breaches is like treating the symptoms: organizations really need to address the underlying problems.


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In addition to running a busy law and consulting practice, the spring and summer of 2011 has been spend updating my 2006. It is a new book from the Science and Technology Law Section of the American Bar Association. This led to an conversation with Dave Webb of ComputerWorld Canada on a variety of topics.


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Despite good intentions, millions of dollars, years of effort and, probably matching the historical norm of any visionary undertaking, a scandal or two, Ontario does not yet have an electronic health record. However, with “Cloud computing” seemingly “catching on”, one can’t help but wonder when the ethical guidance provided lawyers will be amended to address its possible use by the legal community in Canada.


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Whether in business or government, your legal responsibilities and obligations for information within your control requires managing new risks that influence strategic objectives, affect operational activities and damage reputations. To manage and reduce your information-related risks requires effective governance mechanisms.