Goods Order Inventory System- iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia Devices

By: Metaoption  09-12-2011

GOIS is a mobile application for individuals and small businesses to manage and track their Orders, Inventory, and Sales. The application also comes with a lot of reporting capabilities.

GOIS has been designed to work with the following devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Nokia devices

GOIS is a standalone application running on SQLite database to store all relevant data on your device.

The future of GOIS, the "GOIS Pro", which is currently under development, and scheduled for release in fourth quarter of 2011, will primarily offer web based integration of data captured on devices, along with many additional capabilities. Look out for more info on “GOIS Pro” on our website shortly.

Goods Order Application Modules

  • Order Module
  • Products Module and Category Management
  • Inventory Module
  • Sales Module
  • Reporting Module

Order Module

The user may further choose to review complete history of the order and its fulfillment at a later date using the reporting module.

Product Module and Category Management

Product Module allows user to add and manage products in the system. The Category function allows the user to add, modify, delete and rename categories within Goods Order. The user may also add products under specific category to group products and this grouping helps in search functions and reporting. Category listing shows number of products linked with it. We usually ship default categories and products which can be modified later based on user requirement.

Future versions of Goods Order will allow the user to capture custom product information from the web interface, making the application quite powerful since it can literally be used for any industry.

Inventory Module

The Inventory module allows user to manage product inventories. The user may use the fulfill order option from the Order module to automatically create the inventory details or add inventory details from this module. The user may also update inventory details and track sales. The Inventory module allows user to define purchase price and default sale price to be used to calculate profit and loss in the Reporting module.

Sales Module

Sale module allows the user to record a sale. There are two ways in which the user may track sale. Using the "More-> Settings->Track Sale by Inventory" flag, the user can track sales either by Inventory or by Product. If this flag is ON, the user will be prompted to specify the actual inventory sold while adding a new sale. If this flag is OFF, the user may add the sale by specifying the product and is not required to specify inventory value.

This allows greater flexibility for different types of businesses.

Reporting Module

The Reporting module offers handful of reports to the user to meet reporting requirements. In future versions of GOIS all reports will be available on the web as well.

The following reports are available to user:

  • Profit and Loss
  • Closed Orders
  • Inventory On-Hand

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