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By: Mesbur Smith  09-12-2011
Keywords: Interior Design, cinema, conceptual design

Feasibility Studies

When a client is offered space in a development, or a free-standing site, we prepare a schematic layout to determine the feasibility of the location. Our work includes a diagrammatic plan showing the general arrangement of all principal uses.

Conceptual Design

Once the feasibility study is accepted, and the project proceeds, we prepare a conceptual design, carrying forward the feasibility study into more detailed plans and sections. The plans indicate the general seating layout, seat count, location of all other areas, projection booth plan and a typical cinema section. This phase of the work forms the basis for the design development.

Design Development

In design development, all plan details are fully realized. This includes arrangement of public washrooms, emergency exits, food service areas including equipment, ticket booth equipment, projection equipment, internal stair configurations and all cinema sections to establish projection booth levels in sufficient detail for the local architect to prepare construction documents. Throughout this phase, we liaise closely with the client and local architect to troubleshoot problems and concerns, so the project is realized in a comprehensive manner.

Exterior Design

When we are designing a stand-alone building, we develop the complete exterior design, specifying all materials, finishes, colours, signage and identification. Where the project is within a development, we will advise on exterior signage, visibility, and identification only.

Interior Design

The Interior Design is generally carried out in tandem with Design Development. Additional drawings are prepared, including reflected ceiling plans, floor finishing plans, interior elevations for all public areas and cinema interiors, and detailed millwork drawings, cinema entrance features, and any other special interior elements. We design and specify all interior finishes and materials, including carpet, paint colours, selection of hard surface flooring materials, acoustic fabrics, seating fabrics, and specialty lighting. We also prepare computer generated three-dimensional images to adequately describe the design. The interior design concept and materials are presented on boards or in portfolio form for the client's use.

Keywords: cinema, conceptual design, feasibility study, Interior Design