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By: Merge Rx  09-12-2011
Keywords: Healthcare, Marketing

MERGE Rx provides eSolutions for the health and wellness industry. We help marketers, sales and educators connect with their customers in new and meaningful ways. Our software based closed-loop interactive and contemporary marketing platform is designed specifically for healthcare companies. We enable organizations to manage their digital healthcare campaigns throughout the brands’ life cycle.

Knowledge and reach in the marketplace equals greater profit. We show our clients how to build mindshare in the market. We help create Web 2.0 experiences that provide greater understanding of their core customers, bringing them closer to your brand, generating sales and increasing profitability.

MERGE Rx delivers personalized messaging based on customer segmentation, thereby increasing the productivity and performance of marketing efforts. Whether your organization is launching a new brand or executing a tactical campaign, MERGE Rx's integrated analytics allow for real-time reporting to observe and respond to activities before they become trends. MERGE Rx ensures you maximize profits and while increasing interaction within your target market. For over 5 years, MERGE Rx has been able to engage some of the world's leading brands to amplify marketing and sales performance with dynamic information delivery and campaign deployments.

Access the market through non-rep driven channels - For organizations looking to diversify their marketing approaches, MERGE Rx offers a robust e-channel platform that allows a brand to address multiple customer segments and provide unique value add applications for each customer segment.

Customer Intelligence - Learning from past customer interactions is the key to improve future ones. MERGE Rx allows you to understand what your customer is viewing and saying and then, segment these interactions by segment to understand trends. Learn more about Customer Segmentation. With MERGE Rx you can track the effectiveness of both the medium and the message.

Understand message consumption - For brand managers understanding how their message resonates with physicians is of key importance. MERGE Rx allows you to track which messages are widely viewed. Our reporting dashboards quickly illustrates which messages are resonating in the market and which need to be changed. Learn more about MERGE Rx's interactive analytics.

Advisory Board interactions - MERGE Rx provides a secure collaborative meeting place where the brand may now support ongoing conversation with Advisory Board members beyond the traditional onsite meeting to review documents and host virtual e-advisory board meetings throughout the year.

Keywords: Healthcare, Marketing

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