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By: Merge Rx  09-12-2011

The launch of a new brand is one of if not the most important activities in the life of a brand. With the time to market so long and the time before the drug becomes a generic so short, organizations need to maximize the impact in that time period. Some project and brand teams make a critical mistake early in their drugs' development lifecycles - they fail to adequately prepare the market for their products. Early-stage commercialization and market preparation can have a tremendous impact on the success of a new brand.

MERGE Rx provides a unified platform to help deliver an impactful brand launch. Rather than attempting to plan activities through multiple disparate systems, MERGE Rx allows for a common platform to work with your organization's agency or other outside stakeholders to plan and manage events.

MERGE Rx can help your organization build a detailed launch program to ensure at an operational level, all launch preparations on tracked, and all stakeholders are kept informed status of the project.

Thought Leader Programs - MERGE Rx helps you deliver interactive programs to engage thought leaders. By developing mindshare with thought leaders you can create a significant competitive advantage for your brand. MERGE Rx provides a suite of tools to reach and manage those programs.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) - Deploying a viable CME program is essential to developing greater understanding and acceptance in the marketplace. Our platform is ideal for deploying CME applications, quickly develop and deploy new programs and deploy them into the market.

Medical Information - The medical community often seeks detailed medical information on each brand. MERGE Rx provides you with a way to distribute and track the downloads of certain material.

Competitive Intelligence - MERGE Rx allows you to deploy an internal portal to share information. Create a community for internal representatives to share experiences, thoughts and ways to better represent your brand. Rather than keep multiple silos of information, share your information to create an information enabled sales force.

Sample Delivery - MERGE Rx provides a platform for users to order samples of products online. With over 84% of physicians ordering their samples online, we provide an invaluable tool to help track and distribute samples to the medical community.

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