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By: Mercatus  09-12-2011

The flexible, SOA architecture of the Mercatus API meets immediate requirements and allows continuous innovation designed to build and strengthen relationships with customers. A single interface reduces the ongoing costs of building and maintaining new interfaces and data communication lines.

Consistent experience

The Mercatus API helps you present a consistent face to your customers, across all channels and in every conversation. It means you can manage the customer experience seamlessly across existing and emerging communications channels.

Centralized cross-channel customer insight

Faster, easier feedback of customer behavior allows you make better, more profitable decisions. Cross-channel customer interactions can be centrally monitored and measured, providing insight into customer behavior that can be used to deliver targeted, relevant content.

The Mercatus API is available to customers via standard RESTful web services. Developers can access these services for the web, mobile, and any other devices connected to the Internet. The platform offers services such as but is not limited to:

  • User authentication
  • User profile services
  • Store location
  • Digital flyer/special information
  • Recipes and personalized recipe box service
  • Shopping list
  • Product look-up via PLU or GTIN codes (retailer dependent)

These services can be customized based on the retailer needs.

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Mercatus :: Benefits for Consumers

From planning to shopping to checkout, Mercatus mobile saves you time and makes shopping faster and easier. You get on-the-spot suggestions for related products or alternatives to unavailable products. You will capitalize like never before on sales and special offers. You see sales promotions when and where they benefit you. You find products quickly, without searching the aisles. So you make faster, smarter buying decisions.


CONCIERGE :: Shopping Cart :: Vibrant Touch-Screen :: smart shopping experience

While those consumers plan and shop, the retailer and advertisers gather shopping intelligence that lets them deliver targeted ads and promotions that mean more effective inventory management, higher sales, and increased profits. Smartphones and information kiosks can easily be out of reach, but Concierge stays with them as they shop, displaying lists, recipes and other information and saving them time along the way.


Mercatus :: Benefits for Retailers

You bridge the gap between inventory and point-of-sale systems to make better business decisions based on what's happening in the aisles. Delivering a superior shopping experience builds your business, drives higher profits, and limits customer churn. Being able to provide information to your consumers anywhere, anytime lets you get your message out quickly. Alert buyers to complementary products and alternatives to out-of-stock items.


Mercatus :: Benefits for Advertising

Being able to communicate with customers via their mobiles means you can deliver the right message at the right time to the right customers—whether they are at home planning their shopping, on the go, or in the store. Shopping intelligence gathered from consumer lists, buying behaviors, and other sources gives you a better understanding of who your customers are. Increase profits by better understanding shoppers and making their lives easier.


Smart Shopping Solutions :: Profitable Shopping Experience :: Mobile Shopping Technology

With Mercatus mobile retail solutions, consumers use smartphones and similar mobile devices to manage lists, locate products and product alternatives, access digital coupons, and a whole lot more. Why not use those devices to create a better retail shopping experience—one that makes consumers' lives easier, builds loyal relationships with customers, and increases your profits.