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By: Mench Group  09-12-2011
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Mench Group specializes in creating and executing exciting and interactive brand experiences for your customers.  We carry out the best in:

  • Live Events
  • Direct Sales booths
  • Mystery shopping

Mench Group delivers years of marketing experience in:

  • Promotional Material Design
    • Direct Mail pieced
    • Brochures
    • Sales Premiums (mugs, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Media Buying

Unfortunately many companies are affected by the Website Paradox.  Most companies know that a website is an important proof of credibility and an important sales generator.  Despite this realization, Management is often too overloaded to determine what should be on the website.  This results in many websites being weak representatives for their companies which is a shame given their potential.
Make your future or current website perform. Mench Group can work with you to grow your business and better achieve your goals.

Common Misconception:
Do you think that because you don’t sell anything online there is no need for a web presence? Think again!  Let Mench Group show you how to drive qualified traffic from the web right into your retail location(s).

  • Search Engine Optimization (Google AdWords, Yahoo Search, & MicroSoft adCenter)
    • Search Engine Submission
    • Search word optimization
  • Website Design
    • Content Writing
    • Website development
    • Landing Page optimization

Let us work with you to help reduce your operating expenses.  Our team of Operations Consultants will help you reduce bills and increase your bottom line by focusing our attention on identifying where your key expenditures are and then presenting alternatives to reduce these key expenditure based on our comprehensive knowledge and network of business oriented service providers.

Mench Group’s team has a plethora of experience sourcing all sorts of products both overseas and locally and will take care of all of the logistics for you.  What sets Mench Group apart from its competition is its years of experience in the Far East as well as its strategic alliances with offices located all over Asia.  These assets allow us to bring you unmatched pricing coupled with superior quality control.

Why do some companies fear dealing off-shore?
We've discovered the problem that most people have is that although they have heard about and maybe experienced some off-shore dealings they are reluctant because:
A)   Off-shore suppliers are hard to deal with.
B)    Most of the time you don't know who you are dealing with.
C)   Communication is difficult.
D)   Usually you have to put your money down up front and hope a satisfactory product is delivered on time.
E)    If the product is unsatisfactory getting a resolution can be complicated.

The Benefits of Dealing Off-Shore Through Mench Group.
A)    We have had experience dealing with off-shore companies and know exactly what is required
B)     The companies we are dealing with have been visited by a team of quality, engineering and purchasing people and unsatisfactory facilities have been vetted out.
C)    We have local/regional engineering people who speak the language and know how to communicate our wishes and solve possible problems before we proceed. Our people are experienced with the products we are selling and can deal directly with your engineers.
D)    As a Wholesaler, we take the monetary risk away from the customer because you get your product and an opportunity to inspect for quality prior to paying for anything.
E)     If the product is unsatisfactory, we will help you to trouble-shoot the problem.

Keywords: engine