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By: Megan Boler  09-12-2011

My 2011 six-month research leave thus far most rewarding! In January spent time at UC Santa Barbara working with colleague Chela Sandoval on a book project, Legacies of History of Consciousness (HOC). Gavea talk at UCSB on “Truth Effects and Digital Dissent” at Ctr for Information and Technology (CITS) [] Then to LA, giving another talk at USC to Henry Jenkins and his Civic Paths research group.

In February, joined a non-profit Media Delegation to Havana, Cuba–met with dozens of people working in media, technology, culture and film throughout Havana–amazing, learned *so* much about Cuba on the brink of much change. My “Report on Havana” almost complete!

Now headed to American Ed Research Assoc. in New Orleans where I will participate in 5 sessions, including The John Dewey Symposium Reimagining Critical Hope: Situated Perspectives Across North-South Contexts (a panel that will include lovely South African colleagues and my former colleague Graham Smith now CEO Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangiin NewZealand); Reverence, Listening, and Humor in Education and Informal Learning and Sociable Media in Children’s Culture.

Tomorrow–a small keynote at the Worldviews Pre-Conference, an event dedicated to building bridges between journalists and academics!

Finally, great news this week–was awarded a SSHRC 3-year grant to study Youth Civic Engagement through Social Media!

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Megan BolerOccupy Canada protests: Media braces for the worst, while protesters show kinder, gentler, Canadian versionHuffington Post, October 18, 2011 Boler. Meanwhile, in Toronto, the new research team for my 3-year funded SSHRC project “Sociable Media in the Hands of Young Citizens” was attending GA meetings and the occupy toronto events.