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By: Meg Salter  09-12-2011
Keywords: Coaching, Change Management, team development

When working with organizations, we use an integrated approach of people, process, and structure. This approach yields individual satisfaction, organizational performance and financial outcomes. Our services include:

"Do we have the right structure to meet our organizational goals? To achieve our business plan? To respond to a changing landscape? To attract and retain people?" Effective organizational design aligns an organization to meet strategic goals.

We offer:

  • Strategy Review to determine how well the strategy is understood and how clearly goals throughout the organization are aligned
  • Organizational Structure Snapshot to determine the key strategic issues, provide an overview of major structural issues and options for re-designing the organization
  • A Full Organizational Structure Review and Design to review layers of management, grouping of work and clarity of roles 

Organizational change happens all the time; organizations change size or direction, new competitors emerge, key players change. Yet up to 75% of all planned change efforts fail, or achieve less than optimum results. Our approach to change management combines effective planning and shaping emergent change. We focus on strategic direction, tangible deliverables and developing a critical mass of commitment of relevant stakeholders.

We offer:

  • Strategy Development to clarify the non-negotiable core, the scope, focus and benefits of the intended change and to engage stakeholders within the area of focus
  • Strategy Implementation to develop a focus on both concrete deliverables and stakeholder engagement
  • Communications Strategy to develop and deliver key messages as well develop mechanisms so that changes are noticed, reinforced and disseminated throughout the organization

Where appropriate, we apply well tested engagement approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space Technology to the people side of change.

Teams often require support at critical junctures such as change in the surrounding context, new mandate, performance issues or project team launch.

We offer:

  • Meeting facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Consultation in team development
  • Frameworks for building communication, trust and accountability
  • Linking the work of the team and managerial roles

We provide support in establishing both the "hard" and the "soft" elements of team development. The "hard" elements can include; the nature of the performance challenge, context and strategic direction, required skill and knowledge sets, team member roles. The "soft" elements can include communication and decision-making processes, inter-personal skills and a way to work through conflict.

Effective coaching provides an organization with focused leadership development and provides the individual with enhanced skills, more effective behaviours and increased personal and professional satisfaction. An experienced executive coach can provide clarity, candor and enable a process of reflective change and informed personal choice.

We offer:

  • Support for individuals in achieving their personal goals and in aligning their behaviours with their values
  • Support for individuals and organizations in clarifying the leadership work in major change strategies
  • An integrated approach that combines personal self-awareness, inter-personal communication and relationship skills, relevant leadership behaviors and goal achievement
  • A confidential process that combines challenge and acceptance in a spirit of partnership
  • An effective approach to identifying key leverage points in shifting patterns of beliefs and behaviours
  • Diversified consulting and coaching experience from the executive suite to key professionals

Mindfulness is a powerful, effective method of helping individuals enhance productivity and develop the personal resilience required in the face of change. In organizations, mindfulness helps to build a core of soft leadership skills.

Mindfulness meditation reduces stress, improves physical or mental well-being and enhances personal productivity. A hot topic in scientific research, studies have demonstrated that practicing mindfulness has a significant impact on stress related symptoms, immune system functioning, negative emotions such as fear and ruminative or worry-thinking.

Mindfulness meditation is a simple-to-learn method to help you experience clearly and completely what is going on in your life while remaining calmly focused on everyday tasks. It is not aligned with any belief system and is applied by people of all faiths or no faith. You can practice in your home, while jogging, waiting in traffic or during meetings.

By cultivating inner awareness, mindfulness unblocks outer responsiveness, freeing you to respond to situations with clarity, integrity and creativity. Organizations see the results in reductions of stress and conflict and improvements in productivity and soft leadership skills. Individuals see the results in improved health, well-being and an inner directed sense of meaning.

We offer:

  • Introductory workshops
  • Group classes
  • One-on-one coaching

Keywords: Change Management, Coaching, Organizational Design, Organizational Structure, team development