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By: Meer Tech Systems  09-12-2011
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Workflow Reviews
Having been in the broadcast and postproduction field for more than 36 years gives one a solid base in the industry.  I will review current facility workflows, processes and business practices.  Analyzing your facility with respect to the equipment used and the staff knowledge in using the equipment will show whether the right equipment, the right amounts of hardware and or the right people are in place to execute on your client demands.

ScheduALL Expert  -  
I have been associated with ScheduALL, the industry leading Broadcast and Postproduction facility program, for more than 15 years.  Many companies only ever touch the surface on what this software package can provide. Scheduling, work orders, library and invoicing are just a few areas that can streamline a post business when using ScheduALL to its potential.  ScheduALL can inform Managers how resources are utilized, review financial data, staffing and additional areas that can keep a facility well defined.  With my industry experience and knowledge of this program combined, I am able to fully understand your business process and recommend potential improvements, streamline work flows and processes with the ultimate goal that being cutting costs and generating additional revenues.  All reports within ScheduALL use the runtime version of Crystal Reports.  I also bring to the table the ability to modify and or generate new reports.Equipment Reviews
Meer Tech Systems will review broadcast and postproduction equipment.  Do you have the correct equipment for the task at hand?  Should you be replacing any existing hardware? Interviews
Talking to staff and your freelancer operators is always a good initiative.  The purpose of this is to allow for open opinions about your company. Information on their view point on the equipment, management, the client and even where they feel the direction of the company should be going is all good information.  Getting the likes and dislikes is always good information. 


All program material today destined for broadcast distribution networks will need to be in the new High Definition (HD) format.  Companies that have material from earlier years produced in the older Standard Definition (SD) format will need this material restored to the current HD format.  Whether the restoration process is just a simple up conversion process or a more complex process of image restoration which includes scratch removal, dirt removal, grain reduction and image detail enhancement, the process will require a project manager.  Meer Tech Systems can provide this service.  This process has many steps any of which can happen at the same time to save time and money.


If your need is to upgrade your facility or just to add additional hardware Meer Tech Systems can assist you.  I have access to many professional individuals who will make any installation job a great experience for all involved.PROJECTS
Meer Tech Systems can assist you in any project driven task.  I have the resources that will result in any projects being completed on time and on budget.    



Keywords: broadcast, Tech Systems