By: Mcmanus International  09-12-2011
Keywords: Coaching, Business Development, Executive Coaching

McManus International specializes in customizing programs that fit the business needs, culture, and environment of your company. At the outset, we meet with you to Diagnose your situation. Then, we Design a solution that is relevant to your business needs, and then we are the ones who Deliver the learning solution. We are with you since the beginning every step of the way. Our Diagnose, Design, Deliver process ensures that our training solutions drive results, and are not event based.

Skill Development Format: The programs below are delivered as customized 1 or 2 day workshops, and are typically followed up with one on one coaching, and other learning sustainment solutions.

Communicating with Impact
How to Win New Clients
One on One Selling Skills
Delivering Client Presentations
Presenting with Impact
Client Relationship Management Skills
Influencing Without Authority
Your Network is Your Net Worth
Pitching Ideas
Managing Difficult Conversations

“We at Deloitte, have used the services of Tyler McManus in our Partner Development Program. In particular Tyler has led our learning program entitled Presenting with Impact. This session uses structured guidelines and video taped practice sessions to enhance the participants capabilities in making formal presentations. The session has been very well received and the take away guides are actively used by most participants”

Bob Leech, Partner responsible for Partner Development

Through our executive coaching services, we help you and your employees become more aware of their behaviours and teach them new communication strategies in a safe environment. The 3 key areas we coach in are: management skills, interpersonal skills, and preparing for high stakes presentations. The need could be related to an upcoming presentation, specific high stakes event, leadership credibility, 360 feedback coaching, managing people, business development strategy, or the need to motivate staff. Some of our clients are simply looking for some feedback, while others are wanting significant behaviour change.

Coaching Formats: Typically our coaching sessions are done in a half-day, full day or series of hourly sessions. They are done in person or over the phone.

“McManus Coaching has been an integral part of MEC’s training program for all levels for the past 18 months. Tyler can connect, motivate, and inspire with all levels and demographics. I am especially pleased with the results of the one-on-one coaching; seeing real behavioural change, positive energy and focused action-oriented impact. To me, Tyler is a part of MEC.”

Bruce Neve, President

At McManus International, we know that generating new business is the lifeline of any organization. We have lots of experience working with clients on a real ‘live’ pitch whereby we can help your pitch team in three key areas: Strategy, Structure, and Delivery. These are the foundation of any pitch process. We can come in and help you in all three areas, or just 1 or 2. Whatever your needs are, we have experience in helping clients win multi-million dollar pitches by installing some rigor into their process.

Pitch Consulting Format: McManus International Pitch Consulting is provided on a series of half-day or full day sessions. Our fees are a combination of a retainer and success fee.

“Thank you so much for your help. We were confirmed today as their new ADR Bank. The bidding process was so bizarre that we didn’t know what to expect and our brainstorming session helped to organize our thoughts in order to tell our story more cohesively and with greater confidence. I look forward to working with you on future pitches! We are now 3 for 3!”

Senior VP for Latin America ADR business
JP Morgan Chase
New York, NY

Keywords: Business Development, Coaching, Executive Coaching