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By: Malloc  09-12-2011
Keywords: Performance Optimization, Data Warehouses

  • Data migration between wide spectrum of sources and destinations such as databases, files, messaging and remote systems.

  • Design and development of data models and databases.

  • Design and development of OLTP Relational Databases and back end systems.

  • Design and development of Data Warehouses and reporting systems.

  • Design and development of various types of data loaders.

  • Data analysis, extract, transformation, load, validation and reporting.

  • Custom solutions for handling massive data volumes.

  • Design and development of data layers for business applications also known as "back end" applications and middleware.

  • Data quality analysis.

  • Data integration.

  • Performance optimization related to massive data volumes manipulation.

  • Data migration between various file formats.

  • Keywords: Data Warehouses, Performance Optimization

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    Malloc Corporation - productsG DAOframework

    Code generation overcomes some deficiencies of inheritance (i.e. Java allows class to be inherited only from one super class, each database object is represented by customized Java class, enables IDE features like ?Code Assist. Integrator with JDBC enabled Data Sources such as all major databases and file formats. G-DAO FRAMEWORK - PRODUCT DESCRIPTION What is G-DAO Framework. Java technologies such as JDBC.


    Malloc Corporation - RemoteDataServices

    We need a program which will continuously compare data in Sybase and Oracle databases and send us daily report about discrepancies.. Databases can be sent to us as an export files , bcp files or as any other popular file format. Remote access could be provided so we can export data ourselves or just work directly on your database. For complex requirements we provide a proof of concept which ensures success and quality of service.


    Malloc Corporation - Database Analyzer

    DB Analyzer is designed to help IT personnel such as Business Analysts, Managers, System Architects, Developers and Database Administrators to better understand how and what data is stored in the database. Quality Assurance analysts can check the quality of test bed database and ensure the data is sufficiently diversified and appropriate for user acceptance testing.


    Malloc Corporation - productsTestDaedmonDescription

    Test Daemon captures transaction events as they occur in a database and presents them in a comprehensive and customizable report so the tester or developer can analyze these events. The tester links the tables to a test case and it is the test case execution that captures and stores the database transaction events once a program that changes data is run.


    Malloc Corporation - dataMigrationCaseStudy

    Many legacy databases do not implement referential integrity and sometimes are not even properly designed so even rudimentary data rules are implemented and controlled at the application level and not by database engine. Having data model will definitely help understood database structure however it will not do much when it comes to understanding data stored in the database, its format, usage, patterns, spreads, etc.