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By: Majescomastek  09-12-2011

Without a solid billing system at the core of your organization, the everyday routine of doing business at an insurance carrier ceases to be so routine. Cash flow slows, customers grow frustrated and revenue opportunities are left on the table. The relationships that your continued success depends on suffer under the tension of an over-strained infrastructure.

When your needs call for a modern, rules-based, enterprise-wide system, STG Billing delivers the scalability and flexibility that means the difference between "necessary evil" and "differentiator." For more than 17 years, STG Billing has been deployed under exacting specifications. 45 North American implementations later, our rate of success still stands at 100%. At MajescoMastek, we value the strength solid relationships bring to our business, and STG Billing was developed with those same priorities in mind.

STG Billing contains the tools you need to define custom business rules and design payment, collection and delinquency plans, creating organization-specific solutions that increase the business value of your IT systems. Flexible workflow management streamlines the collection of payments, increasing cash flow without sacrificing accuracy or consistency. The ability to support multiple channels and levels of billing brings the value of STG Billing to more areas of your business process than ever before.

The most frequent point of customer contact comes attached to a bill. So beyond the chance to cross- and up-sell, STG Billing offers your business an opening to create that lasting impression of reliability, dedication, and service.

STG Billing empowers your organization to:

  • Retain customers
  • Increase visibility
  • Combine multiple lines
  • Reduce DSO
  • Cross-sell
  • Easily bring up new lines / specialties
  • Leverage commercial-grade technology

Key capabilities include:

  • Flexible user-defined payment plans with optional service charge and finance charge billing
  • Wide range of billing options
  • Agency billing
  • Direct billing
  • List billing
  • Integrated lockbox, EFT and credit card payment processing option
  • Flexible stand alone billing system with SOA
  • XML interface for outputs

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