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By: Majescomastek  09-12-2011

Break free of the patchwork upgrades and installations that have left you relying on an out-of-date, cumbersome IT infrastructure: MajescoMastek's New Business + Underwriting tool rethinks the rules of underwriting. Built on the back of MajescoMastek’s industry-leading application development expertise and supported by years of successful, on-time implementations, NB+U is more than just another software install -- it's a transformational opportunity for your underwriting process.

Rules-Based Decisions

By offering your business team the flexibility to develop custom rules without the constraints of complex programming, you can comply with best practices and reduce risk.
Automated Underwriting Cycle

Start with intuitive questioning at the point of sale and continue through to work routing and the underwriting of clean cases. NB + U eliminates tedious and time-consuming tasks tying up underwriters.
Customizable Dashboards

Streamline your processes without sacrificing information. NB+U offers a set of user-customizable dashboards that make sharing information simple. Managers can track case loads and identify bottlenecks, and underwriters can view the status of cases in real-time.


  • Field Capture
  • Case Consolidator
  • Underwriter Manager
  • Perpetual Filter
  • Knowledge Transfer

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