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Macroknow publishes business indexes and vital intelligence about what is on people's mind -- worldwide:

  1. W hat people desire most -- Freedom, Good, Truth, Money and Justice.
  2. W hat people desire least -- Slavery, Evil, Deceit, and Debt.
  3. W hat objects of concern are being suppressed in people's thinking.
  4. W hatpowers areadvancing or hindering people's desires. The powers include Bankers, Capitalism, Trade, Law, Arithmetic, Science, Technology, and Religion.
  5. People's Thought Stream -- Awareness and Attention.
  6. People's Feelings and Emotions -- are people Happy, Hopeful, Confused, Troubled, or Angry?
  7. W hy the desires and emotions are changing and what people's thinking means for business, government, and security .

The desires are correlated with top business, financial, economic, and political world events. Desires and powers determine moral and economic uncertainty. The destructive potential entailed in economic uncertainty reveals the most propitious opportunities for terrorism.

* The concept of thought stream was first elaborated by the American psychologist and philosopher William James. The technology and the system to measure and analyze the thought stream were developed and implemented by the nuclear physicist and founder of Macroknow, Dr. Edward E. Ayoub.


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