PureFacts - PurePerformance Overview

By: Lynxdev  09-12-2011

Pump up Performance


You build wealth. You work hard at it and you're good at it. Show your clients the results of your hard work with performance reporting that is quick and easy to do. Whether it's your institutional clients or your increasingly knowledgeable retail clients, your customers are demanding further details about their investments. With PurePerformance you can anticipate your clients’ needs and offer them unexpected insights into their portfolios.

Flexible data evaluation

Confidently report GIPS-compliant performance numbers. Use standard valuation methodologies, including Modified Dietz and Daily Valuation. Give your clients the details they need by aggregating performance at five key levels:

  • Account
  • Client
  • Group
  • Asset Class
  • Security

Fast and Efficient

Don't wait days for performance numbers to be made available. With PurePerformance you can quickly assess performance yourself in a matter of minutes.

Key Benefits

  • Present clients with information that exceeds their expectations
  • Offer clients insight into how their investments have benefited from your management


  • Uses the fastest algorithm available
  • Costs less than other Performance Measurement solutions on the market
  • Supports all standard valuation methodologies, including Modified Dietz and Daily Valuation
  • Fully compliant with GIPS

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