By: Lvm-jegel  09-12-2011
Keywords: Investigations, Construction Inspection

Services offered

4. 5.

+ Environmental site assessment and characterization
+ Remediation of contaminated sites
+ Environmental hydrogeology and water resource management 
+ Toxicological and ecotoxicological risk analysis
+ Asbestos management 

+ Geotechnical design of shallow and deep foundations
+ Slope investigations and stability analysis
+ Design of soil and rock support structures
+ Structural deformation expertise related to geotechnical behaviour of soils and rocks
+ Site exploration and investigation

+ Pavement design (flexible and rigid)
+ Pavement infrastructure monitoring (roughness, rutting, structural capacity, surface distress, frictional properties)
+ Preparation of prioritized maintenance and rehabilitation plans (roads, airports, parking lots)
+ Pavement rehabilitation investigations
+ Monitoring and prediction of asset performance

+ Construction inspection and administration
+ Quality control of materials and construction
+ Standard and customized laboratory tests
+ Plant audit and certification (ready-mix concrete and hot-mix asphalt plants)
+ Road survey and preparation of drawings and specifications

+ Roof Management
+ Work inspection and quality control
+ Infiltration investigation
+ Materials performance testing
+ Technical assistance and consulting
+ AMCQ Training (Quebec's Master Roofers Associations)
+ 24/7 Emergency service

+ Manufacturing Supervision: mechanical, electrical and electronic equipments, structural and treated wood components 
+ Field Supervision: energy, railway, roadway, commercial, industrial and public utilities 
+ Procurement, manufacturing and work in progress tracing and monitoring 
+ Witness testing and assessment of components compliance for product certification
+ Preparation and evaluation of in shop, in laboratory and in field testing procedures

+ Management systems guidelines
+ Project audits and specific quality plans
+ Quality and process management
+ Risk management
+ Occupational health & safety management

+ Manufacturing and field inspection of steel structures
+ Mechanical, chemical and non-destructive testing
+ Coating and paint inspection and quality control
+ Corrosion assessment and protection :
__-surveys : ultrasonic testing, half cell potentials, soil resistivity
__-design and installation of cathodic protection systems and coatings
__-electrochemical aging of materials
+ Specialized services: failure analysis, material conformity, expert witnessing

Keywords: Construction Inspection, Investigations