By: Lumentra  09-12-2011

Thermal effects have a significant impact on the performance of SSL devices. Accurate knowledge of the thermal characteristics of a SSL luminaire can therefore result in improved performance and longer lifetimes. We are equipped with state of the art thermal characterization facilities which enable us to provide the following thermal measurements:

  1. Thermal mapping of up to 320 simultaneous points
  2. Accelerated Luminaire lifetime testing
  3. Infrared Thermometry
  4. Transient temperature analysis

In addition, we provide extensive computer thermal modeling of luminaires. Computer modeling allows manufacturers to improve their SSL thermal designs prior to prototyping saving significant costs while improving performance of their products.

Other products and services from Lumentra



The spectrum covers the full range from UV to infrared light and is therefore independent of the sensitivity of the human eye to brightness and color. Colorimetry relates to the visual perception of color by the human eye and provides a quantitative and qualitative description of color. Lumentra offers a sophisticated array of photometric and radiometric measurements tailored specifically for LED industries.



As the LED is powered, a portion of the blue light from the LED will leak through the phosphor coating, while a fraction of it will be down-converted by the phosphor into the yellow region. Lumentra’s product development aims at providing LED white light with outstanding Color Rendering Index.



Lumentra’s measurement and calibration services are carried out in accordance with the following international standards. IES LM-79 - Electrical and Photometric Testing of Solid-State Lighting Devices. IES LM-80 - Lumen Depreciation of LED Light Sources. ANSI C78.377 - Chromaticity of SSL Products. Energy Star - Energy Efficiency for SSL.