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By: Linkscorp  09-12-2011
Keywords: Inventory Management, WAREHOUSING AND FULFILLMENT

Unique solutions for your individual needs

Dedicated to creatively solving our clients warehousing and fulfillment requirements

Every client has their own specific set of needs and we pride ourselves in creating customized solutions. Links is managed by a high caliber of professionals who are available as part of your team to lend their experience and expertise. As part of Links you have access to our brain trust, resources, and network for strategic planning and outsourcing. Links Corporation provides a cost effective and streamlined operation experience for numerous companies. We have partnered with many companies to increase their potential in the Canadian market place, cut their fixed over heads and increase sales, control gross margins and increase net profit.

We understand the challenges an outsourced relationship can represent and we have therefore taken great pains to circumvent this by leaving our clients in as much control over their goods and business as possible. We do this through good work ethics and state of the art web based technology. As our client, you and your network will have permission based access to our online inventory management technology which will provide up to date inventory and in-transit information along with the capability to produce historical reporting. The technology can be used for multiple locations.

Retail fulfillment is an extremely important part of your business and to conduct it from hundreds or thousands of miles away can be most challenging and cost prohibitive. Yet, having your own office and team in place in the local Canadian market may also serve to be counter profitable. That is why LINKS is your perfect choice and a sound business decision. We are literally a virtual extension of your business. We will take in your products, store them, and fulfill them upon demand usually within 24 hours of receiving a release order. But we also do much more, we will do site visits to stores and report back on associate knowledge and product display. We will deal with buyers on any issues relating to your product thereby avoiding the expensive costs of travel for yourself. We will send samples and make our meeting rooms available to you when in town. We will even set up trade shows for you within this market.

Keywords: Inventory Management, WAREHOUSING AND FULFILLMENT

Other products and services from Linkscorp


Customer Service, Administration & Bookkeping

Regardless of whether it is a distribution, fulfillment, transportation, or package related issue, our customer service representatives stand ready to provide you with a timely, thorough and well researched response to any questions or concerns you may have. Links Corporation keeps the customer at the center of its focus during all of its business activities, toward the goal of exceeding customer expectations.


Sales Agent Services - Links Corporation warehousing, logistics, fulfillment, 3pl services

By immediately explaining the Buyer that we are contacting them to introduce a direct relationship with your company, including direct pricing, we are able to capture their immediate interest and initiate the sales process for you. Many Buyers have been given clear instructions to only work with manufacturers and suppliers offering direct purchasing relationship.


Links Operations Flow Chart - Links Corporation warehousing, logistics, fulfillment, 3pl services

Just like a bank we have systems in place and take very seriously the accounting, responsibility, and visibility of all inventory that enters and leaves our warehouse. For every client we custom design a standard operations procedure manual that details all aspects of their operational particularities.


Links Corporation warehousing, logistics, fulfillment, 3pl services - fulfillment

Instead of simply handing over your fulfillment and hoping for the best, why not choose an organization that gives you as much control over costs, quality, and service as if you were handling it yourself. If both the message and its timing are crucial parts of a strategy, we view our role as the key factor in making sure that the timing element is executed flawlessly.


Inventory Management - Links Corporation warehousing, logistics, fulfillment, 3pl services

Online and available 24/7 - 365 allowing our clients to access their inventory, customer information, reports, or any other valuable information about their business in real time. AdvancePro facilitates many administrative and operational functions like warehouse & inventory control, customer order management and vendor order management.


Links Corporation warehousing, logistics, fulfillment, 3pl services - logistics

Your ability to effectively simplify and manage the import process is key to increasing your competitive advantage and building success at penetrating this important market. We have a dedicated team exclusively working with our partners to ensure the highest quality level of service and best pricing. We fully understand compliance issues and proactively ensure that all goods outbound meet your customer requirements.